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about us
who are we?

Chemical Talent Network is the domestic authoritative and professional recruitment website for the sub-industry (www.800hr.com). It is designed for chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, coating, rubber, fine chemical, daily chemical, coal chemical, environmental protection, energy, chemical industry. Websites for enterprises in the fields of machinery, chemical trade and other industries, as well as employees who provide recruitment, job search, talent assessment and training services.

Chemical Talent Network is one of China's relatively large-scale professional recruitment sites for the chemical industry. It is based on a powerful online platform and is based on multi-channel services such as online recruitment, senior talent recommendation and special job fairs. Job seekers have built a three-dimensional human resources service model.

After years of development, Chemical Talent Network has become a more influential, professional and authoritative recruitment site for the chemical industry.

our service

Online recruitment

Based on a database of more than one million industry talents, we provide comprehensive and multi-channel recruitment and recommendation of high-quality professional talents for chemical industry companies, and provide efficient and accurate job search services for chemical industry practitioners.

Industry-specific job fairs

In combination with online recruitment, regular large-scale chemical industry job fairs are held regularly to provide offline recruitment and job search services for chemical industry companies and job seekers.

Advanced Talent Services

It has a huge reserve of high-end, professional talents in the chemical industry, and provides high-quality and efficient senior talent recommendation services for chemical industry companies.

Internet Advertising Promotion Service

Relying on the brand appeal of Yingcai Network and the online advertising promotion service system, tailor-made online promotion solutions for enterprises in the chemical industry.

Industry training

Regularly collect, organize and publish training information for the chemical industry, and provide value-added training services in related fields for human resource practitioners in chemical companies.

Our advantage

Relying on the domestic authoritative and professional talent recruitment website Yingcailian, it has the characteristics of efficient and accurate service of the industry talent website, and the unparalleled professional resource advantages of the comprehensive talent website.

It has a huge database of chemical professionals, with daily visits exceeding one million, and the resume database increasing by nearly a thousand.

Join hands with authoritative media in the chemical industry to create a three-dimensional service model of “industry authoritative media + industry talent website + industry special job fairs”, comprehensively build a comprehensive and authoritative information release channel, effectively assist companies to recruit talents, and help individuals to quickly find jobs .

With the purpose of creating China's authoritative chemical industry recruitment website, the company has established and improved customer development and service processes, provided customers with professional recruitment solutions, and created a fast and accurate job search website for individuals.

Our goal

It is not difficult for chemical companies to choose talents, so that the chemical elites can choose their careers without worry.