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If your website or your media needs to build a channel or section on “recruitment”, you can start a channel column OEM cooperation with Chemical Talent Network, share the huge talent pool and massive job information of Chemical Talent Network, and quickly enrich your website or media platform. Content, greatly improving its level of value-added services. Chemical Talent Network has a wealth of chemical industry talent information and HR articles and tools, and will also release a large number of HR survey reports. No matter you are print media or online media, you can cooperate with us to reproduce content to maximize the value of media communication. We are willing to carry out various forms of advertising resource exchange cooperation with websites and print media. You can make use of existing advertising resources (such as image advertising space, text chain advertising, soft text, video advertising hours, print advertising layout, etc.) with us, etc. Value exchange, while rationally adjusting resources, to achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win publicity effect. As long as your company's exhibition is consistent with the website industry, and the exhibition content and business operations are healthy and legal, you can cooperate with Chemical Talent Network to jointly increase website traffic and visibility.
Industry activities
The 11th Shenyang International Oil Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition The 7th Shanghai International Piping Valve Exhibition The 12th China International Nuclear Power Show The 3rd Xinjiang Petrochemical Exhibition Qingdao Rubber Show CREC The 14th China Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2018 International Solar Power Application Exhibition (four new exhibitions) The 10th Shanghai International Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition The 12th China International Nuclear Power Show Chengdu Environmental Protection Exhibition China Special Equipment Exhibition The 9th Beijing Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition Zibo Chemical Exhibition
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