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Hebei Dubang Petrochemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

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Petroleum & Petrochemical Natural Gas-Petroleum
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Company Profile

Hebei Dubang Petrochemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd. was formerly known as the Design Institute of Shijiazhuang Refinery of China Petrochemical Corporation, and was established in 1974. Originally affiliated to Sinopec Shijiazhuang Refinery, it was successfully restructured in July 2004.

Now holds:
Grade A design qualification certificate for storage, transportation and specialty of chemical industry, petrochemical industry and pharmaceutical industry issued by the national housing and urban-rural construction authority;
Grade A certificate of engineering consulting for petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical and chemical industries issued by the national development and reform authority;
Class B design qualification certificate for chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries issued by Hebei Construction Authority;
Grade B design qualification certificate for the oil and gas industry issued by the State Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction;
Design qualification certificate for the third category of medium and low pressure vessels and spherical storage tanks (A2, A3) issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision;
GA, GB, GC, GD pressure pipeline design qualification certificate issued by the national quality supervision authority;
GB / T9001 quality management system certification;
GB / T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification;
GB / T24001 environmental management system certification.

National high-tech enterprises.

The company has strong technical force, complete professional set-up and excellent design equipment, and has the ability to independently undertake the design and consulting business of large-scale petrochemical, chemical, and oil and gas engineering projects.

The company has more than 100 employees, including more than 50 designers with senior professional titles, 45 designers with intermediate professional titles, and many nationally registered chemical engineers, registered mechanical engineers, registered natural gas engineers, first-class registered architects, first-class Registered Structural Engineer, Registered Architect, Registered Structural Engineer, Registered Cost Engineer, Registered Consulting Engineer. Several registered supervision engineers, equipment supervisors, and registered construction engineers.

The company has production planning department, market development department, technology management department, asset management department and office. Has a number of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas storage and transportation, pressure vessels, construction engineering, electrical instrumentation and other professional outstanding design staff.

The company's enterprise computer network system and large-scale engineering photocopiers, HP large-format plotters, blueprinters and other publishing equipment provide reliable hardware support for large-scale design projects. With ASPEN PLUS, VMGSim (Petrochemical process simulation software), CAESAR Ⅱ (pipe stress analysis software), PMCAD-PKCAD (architecture, structural design software), PDSOFT-3Dpiping (three-dimensional pipeline design software), PDMS (three-dimensional pipeline design software) Large-scale computer software based on PV DESKTOP 4.0 (equipment design software) is a strong technical guarantee for engineering design.

Company Website: http://www.hebdb.com
Company address: 13th floor, Jinyuan Commercial Building, at the intersection of Huai'an Road and Tangu West Street, Shijiazhuang

No. 1 Shilian Road, Wucheng District, Shijiazhuang

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