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Lanzhou Shengdahua Engineering Maintenance Co., Ltd.

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Coal chemical industry-coal to oil, petroleum petrochemical natural gas-petroleum, petroleum petrochemical natural gas-petrochemical, chemical engineering-engineering contracting, chemical machinery equipment-machinery ...
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Company Profile

Lanzhou Shengdahua Engineering Maintenance Co., Ltd. is a new type of petrochemical production equipment maintenance and transportation professional engineering company established by Lanzhou regional inspection and maintenance professional and technical forces.

The company's parent company is the united unit of China National Petroleum Corporation in Lanzhou. Set petroleum, chemical process, machinery, electrical, instrumentation, special equipment installation, repair, maintenance; process pipelines with pressure openings, plugging; program control system design and configuration; parts processing, repair and reserve management; equipment installation and debugging , Condition monitoring and technical consulting business.

At present, it is responsible for the daily maintenance and overhaul of large sets of large-scale oil refining and chemical plant machinery, electrical, and instrumentation, as well as on-off maintenance.

Relying on the solid strength of the parent company, Lanzhou Shengdahua Engineering Maintenance Co., Ltd. develops and implements the following businesses:

Start-up technical services for various petrochemical production units

Various petrochemical production equipment process equipment, machinery, electrical, instrument daily inspection and repair, maintenance

Integrated repair and maintenance of large units; design and configuration of program control system

Mapping, processing, repairing, and technical transformation of spare parts; supervision of manufacturing and purchasing of spare parts

Condition monitoring and technical support

Export of various technical human resources

Various professional and technical training

At the same time, Lanzhou Shengdahua Engineering Maintenance Co., Ltd. has close cooperative relations with members of the inspection and maintenance industry of Sinopec and PetroChina, sharing resources and assisting each other in terms of technical force, human resources, equipment and supplies. The current business scope covers many well-known domestic refining and chemical companies in South China, East China, Southwest and Northwest, as well as foreign companies such as BASF in Germany, Khartoum in Sudan, and Zinder in Niger.

Major engineering projects involved in the company in recent years

The company currently participates in the mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation maintenance and transportation technical services for the production units of the gas production plant of the Changqing Oilfield Branch of China National Petroleum Corporation.

The company is currently responsible for Chongqing (BASF) MDI integrated project installation start and transportation, daily mechanical equipment maintenance, some process equipment maintenance, and professional construction of scaffolding.

The company participated in the overhaul of Shanghai (BASF) centrifugal units.

Relying on its good product reputation and technical strength, the company successfully cooperated with Ningmei Group's 60,000 tons / year polyoxymethylene project to carry out insurance service cooperation. From the start-up of the installation to the official production of the product, the company participated in the whole process of dynamic and static equipment, electrical, instrumentation and transportation, and signed a long-term cooperation agreement. (Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Shenhua Group and a leading enterprise in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The project is located in Area A of the Coal Chemical Industry Park in Ningdong Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base. Of which: 16.45 million tons of raw coal and 3.91 million tons of fuel coal. The total investment of the project is estimated to be 55 billion yuan. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2016, and the average annual sales income will be 26.6 billion yuan after completion.)

The company participated in the Sudanese Khartoum Refinery Co., Ltd.'s annual overhaul of equipment since 2005.

The company undertakes the operation of 20,000 tons / year polypropylene device, 20 million / year plastic woven bag device and mechanical and electrical instrument maintenance of Sudan Khartoum Chemical Co., Ltd.

The company participated in the major overhaul of the catalytic unit and various electrical and instrumentation equipment of Zhejiang Meifu Chemical Co., Ltd.

The company participated in the overhaul of various types of rotating equipment, large centrifugal and reciprocating units of the Yanchang Group (Shell).

The company participates in the refining and chemical equipment contracting of PetroChina Qingyang Chemical Co., Ltd .; overhauls and maintenance of professional equipment such as machinery, electricity and instrumentation.

Work locations: Hainan Refinery, Chongqing Changshou Chemical Industry Park, Zhejiang Refinery Chemical Industry Park, Yinchuan Ningdong Chemical Industry Park, etc.

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经营状态:存续 企业类型:有限责任公司(自然人投资或控股) 成立日期:2013-03-27 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 91620100063920293W Operating status: Continuing enterprise type: Limited liability company (natural person investment or holding) Date of establishment: 2013-03-27 provide
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