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Baling Petrochemical Dacheng Maintenance Installation Co., Ltd.

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Baling Petrochemical Dacheng Maintenance & Installation Co., Ltd. ("Dacheng Company") was established in April 1993 and was originally the maintenance center of Caprolactam Plant of Baling Branch of Sinopec Group Corporation. In 2003, after the restructuring and reform of the Sinopec Group's Baling Petrochemical Company and the separation of the main and subsidiary industries, Dacheng Company was officially restructured and registered as the Baling Petrochemical Dacheng Maintenance and Installation Co., Ltd. on December 30, 2003.

Dacheng Company is a member unit of inspection, maintenance and engineering construction of Sinopec and PetroChina. It is a rapidly growing comprehensive petrochemical inspection and maintenance construction in Central and South China, which integrates maintenance and transportation, engineering installation, mechanical processing, and equipment manufacturing in the petrochemical industry. enterprise. Dacheng Company mainly focuses on the maintenance, maintenance, and repair of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation equipment, and pipelines in petrochemical plants, and has mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation equipment, pipeline installation projects, and corrosion protection in new and remodeling and expansion projects. Insulation engineering, power distribution engineering, steel structure engineering, building construction engineering, foundation engineering and other professional construction capabilities.

Dacheng Company has several professional project departments including electrical maintenance and inspection, instrument maintenance and inspection, dynamic and static equipment maintenance and inspection, installation engineering construction, and civil construction. At present, the company has obtained the second level of general contracting for petrochemical engineering construction, the second level of general contracting for mechanical and electrical engineering construction, the third level of general contracting for construction engineering, the third level of professional contracting for waterproof and anticorrosive insulation engineering, the third level of professional contracting for foundation engineering, A number of qualifications for construction enterprises such as the third-level professional contracting of steel structure engineering and the third-level professional contracting of power transmission and transformation engineering; the company has also obtained special equipment pressure pipeline GB1, GC2 installation permits, and special equipment pressure vessel installation, renovation, and maintenance level 1 licenses. Certificate, energy authority to install (repair, test) three-level licenses for power facilities, and a number of petrochemical inspection and maintenance qualifications such as dynamic, static, electricity, and instrumentation; passed GB / T19001 and GB / T50430 quality management systems, IS014001 environment The management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification have established a complete integrated management system, and continue to standardize, improve and develop in production practice.

Dacheng's registered capital is 30.195 million yuan. There are 11 national first-level construction engineers, 5 second-level construction engineers, 3 registered cost engineers, 4 registered safety engineers, nearly 200 engineering, economic and technical personnel, including senior staff. 11 technical titles, 86 intermediate technical titles; the company has a complete set of work, skilled pliers, electricity, instrument, pipe, riveting, welding, turning, planing, milling, anti-corrosion, insulation, plugging with pressure, scaffolding , Civil engineering, lifting and other technical workers, including 35 technicians and senior technicians, 352 senior workers, covering 16 technical types of work; the company has large cranes, engineering vehicles, transport vehicles, hydraulic shears, CNC coils More than 400 sets of various mechanical equipment including machines, and more than 200 sets of various testing instruments; the company has 3 office buildings, 4 machining workshops, covers an area of over 6,000 square meters, and the warehouse covers an area of over 2,000 square meters Meters, over 7,000 square meters of electrical instrument repair workshop.

Since 2003, Dacheng Company has been mainly responsible for the maintenance, repair, and transportation of the electrical, instrument, and equipment of the 300,000-ton / year caprolactam production unit of Hunan Yueyang Baling Petrochemical Company. Jiangsu Changshu Daikin Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. 6 Maintenance, repair, and maintenance of electrical, instrumentation, and equipment for production plants; maintenance, repair, and maintenance of electrical, instrumentation, and equipment for 200,000 tons / year caprolactam production facility in Zhejiang Baling Hengyi; Inner Mongolia Ordos Zhongtian Hechuang Coal Chemical Industry Company Project Early maintenance and transportation; has undertaken the caprolactam division of Baling Branch, Changshu Daikin Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd., the refining division of Baling Petrochemical Company, the catalyst reforming unit of Changling Petrochemical Company, and the Lichangrong Rubber Factory of Huizhou, Guangdong Major overhaul projects of petrochemical and coal chemical companies such as PetroChina, Shell, and other companies; in the construction of the project, they have undertaken Baling Petrochemical Company's five to 70,000 tons, 70,000 tons to 200,000 tons, 300,000 tons caprolactam units Reconstruction and expansion projects, Baling Branch 10kt / a crude adipic acid purification project, 14kt / a cyclohexane preparation project, Built refinery expansion reconstruction project, integrated refining plant outside the occasion of the installation of pipelines, caprolactam, sewage treatment projects and many compliance projects. The company has accumulated rich experience in maintenance, maintenance, repair, installation and construction management. The technical quality and 5S literacy of employees have been highly evaluated by customers. The maintenance equipment, instruments and resources of chemical equipment fully meet the needs of inspection and installation. Today's Dacheng Company has developed into a relatively powerful maintenance and installation company.

Development is the last word. While the company is doing a good job in the internal market, it is also working hard to open up the external market. The company always puts the interests of customers first, establishes and maintains a good business relationship with customers, and the company's inspection, maintenance, and maintenance work have been fully recognized and affirmed by customers.
"Quality wins with superiority, progress wins quickly, price wins reasonably, service wins with thoughtfulness, technology wins with exquisiteness" is the tenet of Dacheng Company. "Unity, forge ahead, hard work, endurance, modesty and prudence" are every The working style of an adult, we always adhere to serving customers with first-class professional standards, first-class professionalism, first-class service awareness, and first-class work attitude. We continue to improve our management mechanism, emphasize customer and market orientation, and expand services. Scope, expand service depth, pursue long-term, stable and win-win cooperation with customers, and escort petrochemical and coal chemical companies.

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