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China Lekai Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Lekai) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The predecessor of China Lekai was the Baoding Cine Film Manufactory, a key project of the National Five-Year Plan, which was established in 1958. For more than half a century, China Lekai has been adhering to the three self-reliance spirit of self-reliance, independent innovation, and self-improvement, and has undergone "three start-ups." The field of image information materials is a modern enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and service. In the fields of printed image materials, high-performance film materials, and image information materials, we have a number of independent intellectual property rights, outstanding innovation capabilities, and strong market competitiveness.

China Lekai has always attached great importance to independent innovation, and has a perfect technical innovation system. After years of accumulation, Lekai has formed three core technologies of “particles, film formation and coating”. It has a national enterprise technology center and a national post-doctoral workstation. It is the supporting unit of four national standardization committees of photosensitive materials, magnetic recording materials, digital imaging materials and printed imaging materials, and optical functional film materials.

China Lucky has 5 direct units and branches, 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 4 holding subsidiaries, of which 2 are listed companies. The main production bases are located in Baoding, Hebei, Nanyang, Henan, Hefei, Anhui, Shenyang, Liaoning, Shantou, and Tianjin. There are more than 8,000 on-the-job employees, including more than 3,000 academicians, doctors, senior engineers, and various professional and technical personnel of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

China Lekai promotes the corporate philosophy of “Explore and Innovate You and My Heart”, adheres to the talent concept of “talent creation, Le Kai Lekai creates talents”, and creates a good working atmosphere of “unity, happiness, efficiency and pragmatism”. The company relies on a sound talent introduction mechanism and talent training and incentive mechanism, establishes a job promotion system, establishes dual channels for employee career development, and conducts various forms of training (such as induction training / post training / post conversion training / self-improvement training, etc. ), Which greatly broadened the development space of employees and provided a mechanism guarantee for employees' growth and success.

China Lekai Group Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes all outstanding talents to join us!

工商信息由天眼查提供 Filing information— Business information provided by Tianyancha
经营状态:存续 企业类型:有限责任公司(非自然人投资或控股的法人独资) 成立日期:1992-04-15 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 91130600105942504D Business status : Surviving enterprise type: Limited liability company (non-natural person invested or controlled by a wholly-owned legal person) Date of establishment: 1992-04-15 provide
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