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Shandong Sanwei Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Shandong Sanwei Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.-Shengli Refinery Design Office was established in 1969. It was reorganized as an independent legal entity in 1994 and renamed Qilu Petrochemical Shengli Refinery Design Institute; it was reorganized into Shandong Sanwei Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2004; overall in 2007 Changed to Shandong Sanwei Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd .; successfully listed on the Small and Medium Enterprise Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on September 8, 2010, stock abbreviation: 3D Engineering, stock code: 002469.
Three-dimensional engineering has chemical industry petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry Class A, municipal utilities (gas (including gas filling stations)) and construction engineering Class B, engineering consulting Class A, and pressure vessels of Class A1, A2, A3 and GB, GC, GD pressure Qualification for pipeline design and qualification for external contracting projects. It has the qualification and capability of design-oriented general contracting of projects and is a national high-tech enterprise.
3D Engineering currently has 13 departments including Comprehensive Department, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Audit Department, Securities Department, Marketing Department, Project Management Department, Technology Department, Design Department, Purchasing Department, Engineering Cost Department, Construction Management Department, R & D Center, etc. , And Qingdao Branch. Complete professional configuration, with petrochemical technology, process installation, petrochemical equipment, heating furnace, oil storage and transportation, automatic control, electrical and telecommunications, building structure, thermal engineering, heating and ventilation, water supply and drainage, general plan transportation, technology and economy, etc. The office is located in Linzi, the ancient capital of Qi Kingdom, and Qingdao, a coastal city. It has advanced technology and equipment, and has established computer local area network systems, book archive management systems, and office automation systems. Equipped with corresponding large-scale application software and management application software for chemical process simulation, dynamic narrow-point analysis, sulfur-assisted design, pressure vessel analysis and design, three-dimensional installation, building-assisted design, and plant design, the CAD drawing rate reaches 100%.
For more than 40 years, it has completed thousands of design projects for three-dimensional engineering, and completed more than 180 sets of various refinery and chemical installations for sulfur recovery, atmospheric and vacuum, catalysis, coking, and hydrogenation for customers across the country. From Daqing in the North to Hainan in the End of the World, from Gobi Xinjiang to Dalian Binhai, there are three-dimensionally designed devices running in Huaxia. Independently developed the domestic technology of sulfur recovery without online furnace, which has reached the international advanced level and has been applied in various industries. It has achieved good benefits and has been favored by customers. Undertook the sulfur recovery unit of Guangxi Petrochemical 10 million tons refinery, China Shenhua Baotou coal chemical sulfur recovery unit, Qilu branch Shengli refinery 80,000 tons / year sulfur recovery unit and Sinochem Group 280,000 tons / year sulfur recovery unit And other general contracting projects. Three-dimensional engineering always adheres to the "quality first" principle. In 1997, it passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and in 2008 it passed the HSE safety, environment, and health management system certification. Outstanding performance has made more than 40 projects of 3D engineering win the outstanding design awards of Shandong Province or Sinopec.
Three-dimensional people firmly believe: "The mountain is there, and it will always be there." Three-dimensional engineering is a mountain, not a shooting star! It is this concept that supports three generations of three-dimensional people, who have accumulated more than 40 years of "three-dimensional mountain" with ability, dedication and integrity, and become the "reputable mountain" that 3D customers can rely on. Today, the three-dimensional influence is flying abroad, and the three-dimensional door is full of traffic!
3D Engineering is willing to return the society with the 3D advantages of social love and achievements, can provide customers with the best quality service and support, and use our wisdom and dedication to maximize the return on investment for customers!

Due to the company's business development needs, we are now looking for: chemical engineering and technology, oil and gas storage and transportation, electrical engineering and automation, automatic control, thermal engineering, HVAC, process equipment and control, building structure, environmental engineering, general plan transportation, engineering cost, law , Finance, file management, business management, financial management and other professional requirements: Bachelor degree or above, fresh graduates of related majors or personnel with relevant design experience.

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