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Shanghai Xiesheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Xiesheng Shenghua Branch

Private / Private Enterprise
50-99 people
Fine Chemicals-Biochemical, Petroleum and Petrochemical Natural Gas-Petroleum, Chemical Engineering-Engineering Consulting, Chemical Trading-Chemical Trading, Fine Chemical-Organic ...
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Company Profile
Shanghai Xiesheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. It has been committed to developing high-tech for petrochemical separation and technology, and is committed to developing and designing new efficient trays and efficient packings with independent intellectual property rights. Internal components such as high-performance distributors, etc., and own independent intellectual property rights; after years of accumulation by our engineering and technical personnel, we have formed a project that combines technology and engineering and comprehensively uses packing or trays to solve various fractionation problems according to actual conditions ability.

At present, the company's technical staff and affiliated manufacturing plants with advanced manufacturing equipment have undertaken or participated in projects involving crude oil atmospheric pressure reduction, catalytic cracking, gas fractionation, lubricant hydrogenation, diesel hydrogenation, hydrocracking, desulfurization, coking, methanol , Low-temperature methanol washing, urea, ethylene, alkylbenzene, aromatics, butadiene, acetic acid, PTA units and other thousands of internal design and technological transformation projects, providing customers with the best quality assurance.

At the same time, in the two-phase / three-phase separation business of oil and gas field surface engineering and chemical industry, we work with Australian Langlu company to provide customers with more comprehensive separation technology and services. Australia Langlu is a well-known overseas separation technology brand. It has long been committed to the development and application of new phase separation technology. Langlu's advanced technology, combined with thousands of rich successful case experiences and nearly demanding manufacturing standards, can provide users with the best solutions for various separation needs.

The company has a professional team with rigorous scientific attitude and rich engineering experience, providing users with the most comprehensive advanced separation technology and various software and hardware services required. The company sells imported special valves and testing instruments for complete sets of related equipment. These products can be used in power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other industries with special working conditions and harsh environments, and have a high reputation at home and abroad. At the same time, the company has become a composite high-tech enterprise focusing on petrochemical technology and supplemented by advanced equipment sales.

We will focus on the interests of customers and society, and use new technology as the driving force, and strive to provide users with the best technology and services.

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