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Shanghai Anci Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Environmental protection, science and technology bless you!

Shanghai Anci Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Anci Environmental) is a high-tech enterprise in the field of energy-saving and environmental protection based on high-efficiency separation technology. It was established in February 2008 and is located in Zhangjiang, Pudong, Shanghai, which is famous for technological innovation. Gaoketang Town Industrial Zone.

The company is committed to the petrochemical, coal chemical, power, steel, fine chemical and other industries in gas-liquid separation, liquid-liquid separation (including homogeneous solution separation), gas-solid separation, and solid-liquid separation. Oriented to continuously provide customers with higher separation efficiency technologies and products to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction; in the areas of three zero wastewater (liquid) near zero emissions and ultra-clean industrial exhaust emissions, continue to provide solutions with lower operating costs.

The company's main customers: Sinopec, Sinochem, Shandong Dongjia Group, Longman Bailian Group, Guangdong Ruyuan, Fujian Southeast Electrochemical, Jiangxi Lee & Man, Chongqing Tianyuan, Zhejiang Hengyi, Juhua Group, Hubei Sanning, Industry leaders such as Jiangsu Mingsheng Chemical, Luxi Chemical, Luli Group, Yantai Wanhua, Ningbo Wanhua, Shaanxi Future Energy, Tangshan Sanyou, Cangzhou Dahua, Hebei Xuyang, Beijing Sanju Environmental Protection, Inner Mongolia Yidong Group, etc.

The company has four major technology platforms (droplet doubling technology, membrane separation technology, enhanced reaction and separation, and special filtration technology); a multiphase flow research and development experimental center (with more than 20 sets of industrialized test equipment covering 18 product lines) ; More than 170 independent intellectual property technologies (including more than 70 inventions of independent intellectual property)

In 2011, Shanghai Anci passed the identification of high-tech enterprises;

In 2013, Shanghai Anci was recognized as a "specialized, refined, special and new" enterprise;

In 2015, Shanghai Anci was identified as a pilot enterprise of independent intellectual property rights in Shanghai, and joined hands with the National Professional Environmental Protection Fund to successfully share reform;

In 2017, Shanghai Anci Environmental won the strategic investment of the Environmental Protection Fund again;

In 2019, Shanghai Anci has entered the fast track of sustainable development combining technological innovation and capital operation!

Anci Environmental has set up a systematic human resource management, incentive system and broad career development platform. We are open arms, and welcome all people of insight and like-minded people to join us and join in China's broad cause of energy conservation and environmental protection development.

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