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Jiangsu Honggang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Private / Private Enterprise
500-999 people
Petroleum and petrochemical natural gas-petrochemical, fine chemicals, chemical machinery and equipment, chemical trade-chemical trade
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Company Profile

Jiangsu Honggang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established on March 11, 2011. It is mainly engaged in the production, sales and storage of refined terephthalic acid products.

The company's PTA Phase I project has a total investment of more than 4 billion yuan, covering an area of 1,800 acres, which mainly includes 1.5 million tons / year of PTA main installations, auxiliary installations and public engineering facilities.

An annual production capacity of 2.4 million tons of refined terephthalic acid is currently under construction. The project uses the world's advanced, safe, environmentally friendly, green and intelligent PTA production technology. The company's PTA project is supported by Shenghong Refining and Chemical Company, and the synergy between upstream and downstream is obvious.

The company passed the environmental management system ISO14001: 2004 certification and quality management system ISO9001: 2008 certification in November 2015, and passed the review of Lianyungang informatization and industrialization integration demonstration enterprises in 2015. Level enterprise qualified units, passed the energy management system ISO50001: 2011 certification in June 2017. The company was awarded as the 2017 Green Environmental Credit Enterprise in Jiangsu Province. The company uses resources reasonably, protects ecological balance, cherishes resources, uses them continuously, and promotes sustainable green development of the economy.

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经营状态:在业 企业类型:有限责任公司(法人独资) 成立日期:2011-03-11 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 9132070057037483XG Operating status: Type of enterprise in operation : Limited liability company (wholly-owned enterprise) Date of establishment: 2011-03-11 provide
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