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Guangdong Anjiatai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Joint venture
50-99 people
Environmental Protection New Energy-Sewage Treatment, Environmental Protection New Energy-Environmental Protection Technology, Environmental Protection New Energy-Solid Waste Treatment
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Five insurances and one gold
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Saturday and Sunday
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Company Profile

是由国内领先环保企业东江环保股份有限公司和世界500强威立雅环境集团于2005年共同组建,负责“示范中心”的投资、设计、建设及运营;是国内危险废物处理领域中首例通过国际招标建设及运营的项目,与广东省环保主管部门签署30年特许经营权协议;并于2010年正式取得由国家环境保护部颁发的《危险废物经营许可证》。 Huizhou Dongjiang Veolia Environmental Services Co., Ltd. was jointly established in 2005 by Dongjiang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., a leading domestic environmental protection company, and the world's top 500 Veolia Environment Group, responsible for the investment, design, construction and operation of the "Demonstration Center"; The first domestic project in the field of hazardous waste treatment that has passed international bidding for construction and operation, signed a 30- year franchise agreement with the environmental protection authority of Guangdong Province; and formally obtained the "Hazardous Waste Management License" issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection ".

The company possesses advanced technologies for domestic and international disposal of hazardous waste, and is committed to environmental protection as the following four bases:

)危险废物综合处理的示范基地; ( 1 ) Demonstration base for comprehensive treatment of hazardous waste;

)危险废物处理处置技术的研究、开发基地; ( 2 ) Research and development bases for hazardous waste treatment and disposal technologies;

)危险废物处理和生态保护相结合的实验基地; ( 3 ) Experimental base combining hazardous waste treatment and ecological protection;

)生态和环境保护的宣传教育基地。 ( 4 ) Publicity and education base for ecology and environmental protection.

年通过了 ISO9001 质量管理体系、 ISO14001 环境管理体系、 OHSAS18001 职业健康安全管理体系、 SA8000 社会责任管理体系。 The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, and SA8000 social responsibility management system in 2012 . 年第一批高新技术企业;截至2016年,公司获得1项发明自主知识产权及14项实用新型自主知识产权的授权;并获得了“广东省危险废物综合处置工程技术研究中心”和“惠州市工程技术研究开发中心”称号。 The company continued to carry out technological innovation while standardizing its operations, and was identified as the first batch of high-tech enterprises in 2013. As of 2016 , the company has obtained the authorization of 1 invention independent intellectual property right and 14 utility model independent intellectual property rights; and has obtained " "Guangdong Provincial Hazardous Waste Comprehensive Disposal Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Huizhou Engineering Technology Research and Development Center" title. The company takes "safety first, environmental protection mission, pragmatic innovation, win-win cooperation" as its core values, and actively shoulders its mission of social responsibility.

(简称“示范中心”)是《全国危险废物和医疗废物处置设施建设规划》的31个综合性危险废物处置中心之一,是《广东省环境保护“十五”计划》中规划兴建的5个危险废物处理处置中心的启动项目;是由广东省环境保护主管部门筹建的第一个较大规模示范性质的环保项目。 Guangdong Provincial Hazardous Waste Comprehensive Treatment Demonstration Center (referred to as the "Demonstration Center") is one of the 31 comprehensive hazardous waste disposal centers in the "National Hazardous Waste and Medical Waste Disposal Facility Construction Plan" The start-up project of the five hazardous waste treatment and disposal centers planned in the Plan is the first large-scale demonstration environmental protection project prepared by the Guangdong Environmental Protection Administration.

Company benefits:

、本公司实行58小时( 900-1700 )标准时工作制; 1. The company implements the standard working time system of 5 days and 8 hours ( 9:00 : 00-17 : 00 );

、早、晚有班车接送,免费提供工作餐、倒班宿舍,全员购买社保、住房公积金; 2. There are shuttle buses in the morning and evening, free working meals and shift dormitories are provided, and all members purchase social security and housing provident fund;

、每月10日准时发放工资,传统佳节均有100-300元节日慰问金或节日礼品; 3. Pay wages on time on the 10th of each month, and traditional festivals have 100-300 yuan holiday condolences or holiday gifts;

、公司注重丰富员工的文体生活,每年进行年度体检、旅游活动,并定期组织篮球联赛、集团运动会等,每周二、五提供专业场地给员工进羽毛球、乒乓球训练自由活动; 4. The company pays attention to enriching the cultural and sports life of employees. It conducts annual physical examinations and tourism activities every year, and regularly organizes basketball leagues and group sports games. It provides professional venues for free badminton and table tennis training every Tuesday and Friday;

、公司以安全第一,环保使命,务实创新,合作共赢为企业核心价值观,为每位员工提供系统化的在职培训、明确的职业发展通道;因工作需要为员工免费提供技术/专业培训和深造研修的机会。 5. The company takes " safety first, environmental protection mission, pragmatic innovation, win-win cooperation " as the core values of the company, and provides systematic on-the-job training and clear career development channels for each employee; due to work needs, employees are provided with free technology / Opportunities for professional training and advanced training.

Company shuttle route:

:下角惠州大桥北云山路口金世界先科路口龙湖乌塘路口公司; Company shuttle line 1 : Xiajiao Huizhou Bridge North Yunshan Intersection Golden World Xianke Intersection Longhu Wutang Intersection Company;

:流放宾馆海雅百货吉之岛交警中队站台平潭公司; Company shuttle line 2 : Exile Hotel Haiya Department Store Yoshinoshima Traffic Police Squadron Platform Pingtan Company;

:陈江仲恺惠环市场名流印象金山城河南岸马安公司。 Company shuttle line 3 : Chen Jiang Zhongkai Huihuan Market Celebrity Impressions Jinshan City Henan Bank Ma'an Company.

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