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Fujian Qingsong Co., Ltd.

Private / Private Enterprise
500-999 people
Fine Chemicals-Chemical Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Trading-Chemical Trading, Chemical Engineering-Technology Development, Chemical Engineering-Chemical Design
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Fujian Qingsong Co., Ltd. is located in Jianyang City, Fujian Province. In May 2009, it was changed from Jianyang Qingsong Chemical Co., Ltd. to Fujian Qingsong Co., Ltd. and gradually developed into a production of pharmaceutical raw materials, synthetic fragrances and dye additives Is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. After 8 years of forging ahead, Qingsong Company stands out in the increasingly fierce competition and grows into the world's largest synthetic camphor production company, and also becomes the country's largest renewable natural raw material turpentine deep processing enterprise.

The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Growth Enterprise Market in October 2010. The stock is referred to as "Qingsong" and the stock code is "300132". It is a key enterprise in Nanping and the largest taxpayer in Jianyang. Forestry industrialization leading enterprise, provincial technology center.

The company will uphold the concept of "derived from nature and give back to the green", pursue the harmonious development of man and nature, and build the company into the world's largest manufacturer of comprehensive renewable natural forestry biomass resources.

工商信息由天眼查提供 Filing information— Business information provided by Tianyancha
经营状态:存续 企业类型:股份有限公司(上市、自然人投资或控股) 成立日期:2001-01-15 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 913500007264402916 Operating status: Continuing business type: Co., Ltd. (listed, natural person investment or holding) Date of establishment: 2001-01-15 provide
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    Huiyao Industrial Park, Jianyang City, Nanping, Fujian Province

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