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Jiangxi Keyuan Biological Co., Ltd.

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Fine Chemicals-Chemical Pharmaceuticals
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Company Profile
Jiangxi Keyuan Biological Co., Ltd. (formerly Guangde Keyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.) is located in Jishan Industrial Park, Pengze County, Jiangxi Province. The park is a provincial chemical park approved by Jiangxi Province. It is located near mountains and rivers, and its geographical advantage is obvious. The company covers an area of 98,000 square meters and a building area of 32,000 square meters. The company not only has complete production and supporting facilities, but also has a new product research and development center. Provided technical support and strong motivation for the company's healthy development.

Under the strategic guidance of scientific and technological innovation, the company aims to develop biochemicals. Through years of efforts, it has developed a variety of biotechnology for the synthesis of chiral compounds using biological enzymes as catalysts. The series, atorvastatin intermediates and diphenylacetonitrile are our most competitive and competitive products in the world.

The company will further strengthen the customer's awareness of service to provide customers with high-quality products at good prices while providing high-quality services. We also thank our customers for their strong support! Let us join hands: win-win cooperation and a better future.
工商信息由天眼查提供 Filing information— Business information provided by Tianyancha
经营状态:存续 企业类型:其他股份有限公司(非上市) 成立日期:2011-03-28 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 91340430571175795E Business status: Continuing enterprise type: Other joint stock limited company (non-listed) Date of establishment: 2011-03-28 provide
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