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INVISTA Nylon Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.

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INVISTA continues to innovate and develop durable fibers and polymers, from fibers in carpets to plastics in automobiles, which are widely used. 2004 年成为科氏工业集团的子公司,向市场推出专有的尼龙 6,6 系列产品和广受认可的品牌,包括 STAINMASTER? CORDURA? ANTRON? INVISTA has become a subsidiary of the Koch Industries Group since 2004 , introducing proprietary nylon 6,6 series products and widely recognized brands to the market, including STAINMASTER ™ , CORDURA ™ and ANTRON ™ . INVISTA also provides special chemical intermediate products and advanced technology licenses. INVISTA.com 或搜索 英威达 关注微信公众号。 To learn more about INVISTA, please visit INVISTA.com or search for " INVISTA " to follow WeChat public account .

INVISTA is an independently managed wholly-owned subsidiary of the Koch Industrial Group. www.kochind.com )是美国最大的私人企业之一,年收入逾 1,000 亿美元 * (科氏工业集团的年收入会随商品价格波动,根据《福布斯》杂志的估计,已高达 1,000 亿美元。科氏公司业务遍及约 60 个国家,员工约 100,000 名。科氏工业坚持将多达 90% 的盈利用于再投资,为科氏旗下各公司的增长和多元化发展提供了财务支持。与上市公司相比,私营公司给予我们诸多优势。例如,我们不受季度 业绩目标的约束,从而可以做出决策以达致长期成功。科氏以诚实正直、谦虚为怀为其核心价值,并致力于为社会创造真实的长期价值。 我们以市场为基础的管理( MBM? )理念是一个集理论和实践为一体的全面管理方法,旨在使企业够成功应对增长和变化的挑战。 MBM? 理念使员工不断地寻找自我提升和成长 的机会。英威达将一如既往地践行 MBM? 理念的框架,不断评 The Koch Industrial Group ( www.kochind.com ) is one of the largest private companies in the United States, with annual revenue of more than $ 100 billion * (The annual revenue of the Koch Industrial Group fluctuates with commodity prices. Up to US $ 100 billion. Coriolis has operations in about 60 countries and about 100,000 employees. Coriolis Industries has reinvested up to 90% of its profits, providing growth and diversification for the various Coriolis companies. Financial support. Private companies give us many advantages compared to listed companies. For example, we are not constrained by quarterly performance goals, so we can make decisions to achieve long-term success. Coriolis takes honesty, integrity and humility as its core Value, and is committed to creating real long-term value for society. Our market-based management ( MBM? ) Philosophy is a comprehensive management method that integrates theory and practice, designed to enable companies to successfully meet the challenges of growth and change . MBM? philosophy so that employees are constantly looking for opportunities to self-improvement and growth. INVISTA will continue to practice the MBM? frame philosophy, constantly comment Its business situation and understand the value of assets in order to ensure internal and external.

www.INVISTA.com . For more information, please visit www.INVISTA.com .

About INVISTA Nylon Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.

226,000 平方米。 INVISTA Nylon Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of INVISTA. The factory is located in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park and covers a total area of approximately 226,000 square meters. 6,6 聚合物。 Specializing in the production of hexamethylene diamine and nylon 6,6 polymers. 21.5 万吨的己二胺工厂和 15 万吨的聚合物工厂已在 2016 年投产。 Its 215,000 tons of hexamethylene diamine plant and 150,000 tons of polymer plant have been put into production in 2016 . 英龙 ,第一个字 英"是指杰出的、卓越的和主要的,第二个字 是指蛟龙,象征力量和权力。 We call this production base " Yinglong " . The first word " English" means outstanding, outstanding and main, and the second word " dragon " refers to Chen Long , symbolizing power and power. 6,6 的特性。 The combination of these two words fully represents the characteristics of nylon 6,6 .

6,6 聚合物。 The production base uses INVISTA's latest professional technology to produce hexamethylene diamine and nylon 6,6 polymers. 6,6 聚合物是用于生产尼龙 6,6 纤维与聚合物的原材料,最终应用在安全气囊、汽车零部件、地毯、运动服装、户外设备等领域。 Hexamethylene diamine and nylon 6,6 polymers are raw materials used to produce nylon 6,6 fibers and polymers, and are ultimately used in airbags, automotive parts, carpets, sportswear, outdoor equipment and other fields.

INVISTA is committed to environmental protection and is committed to the effective use of various materials, natural resources and energy for production, thereby creating value for customers and society. EHS )是长期成功的基础,因此英威达不断地提高在 EHS 方面的表现。 Excellent environmental, health and safety ( EHS ) is the foundation of long-term success, so INVISTA continues to improve its performance in EHS . INVISTA aims to meet or exceed the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, and is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of employees, customers, contractors and the company while operating.

INVISTA is also committed to being a good corporate citizen and encouraging employees to participate in activities that enhance the quality of life in the community. The Yinglong plant conducts a number of community activities, including helping the Shanghai Petrochemical Industry School to promote environmental excellence, health and safety.

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