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Air Liquide (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Air Liquide Group Air Liquide Group-a global leader in gases, technologies and services in the industrial and healthcare sectors, operates in 80 countries, employs approximately 68,000 people and serves more than 3 million customers and patients. * Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are indispensable small molecules for life, matter and energy. They symbolize the scientific realm of Liquefied Air and have been at the heart of its business since the group was founded in 1902. Air Liquide's ambitious goal is to lead its industry, achieve long-term performance, and commit to sustainable development. The company's customer-centric transformation strategy aims to achieve long-term profitable growth. This relies on global operational excellence, selective investment, open innovation and networked organizations. Through the dedication of employees and continuous innovation, Air Liquide leverages changes in energy and environmental transformation, healthcare and digitalization to create more value for all stakeholders. In 2015, Air Liquide's sales amounted to 16.4 billion euros, of which solutions protecting lives and the environment accounted for more than 40% of sales. On May 23, 2016, Air Liquide completed the acquisition of Airgas, with sales of US $ 5.3 billion (approximately 4.8 billion euros) in the previous fiscal year (as of March 31, 2016). Air Liquide is listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (Class A) and is a member of the French CAC 40 Index and the Dow Jones Eurozone Stoke 50 Index.
* After the acquisition of Airgas on May 23, 2016

Air Liquide Group The world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 80 countries with approximately 68,000 employees and serves more than 3 million customers and patients *. Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are essential small molecules for life , matter and energy. They embody Air Liquide's scientific territory and have been at the core of the company's activities since its creation in 1902. Air Liquide's ambition is to lead its industry, deliver long-term performance and contribute to sustainability. The company's customer- centric transformation strategy aims at profitable growth over the long term. It relies on operational excellence, selective investments, open innovation and a network organization implemented by the Group worldwide. Through the commitment and inventiveness of its people, Air Liquide leverages energy and environment transition, changes in healthcare and digitization, and delivers greater value to all its stakeholders . Air Liquide's revenues amounted to? 16.4 billion in 2015, and its solutions that protect life and the environment represented more than 40% of sales. On 23 May 2016, Air Liquide completed its acquisition of Airgas, which had revenues amounting to $ 5.3 billion ( around? 4.8 billion) for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2016. Air Liquide is listed on the Paris Euronext stock exchange (compartment A) and belongs to the CAC 40 and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 indexes.
* Following the acquisition of Airgas on 23 May 2016

Air Liquide Group in China Air Liquide Group has been providing air separation equipment to New China since the 1970s. After nearly ten years of rapid business development, it currently has nearly 90 factories in China, covering more than 40 cities and has approximately 4,500 Employees. The Group's main business scope in China includes the operation of industrial and medical gases, the engineering technology business carried out by the global engineering technology business unit, and the innovative business undertaken by the Advanced Business Technology Department and Shanghai R & D and Technology Center. The company's business has covered China's important coastal industrial areas, and continues to expand to the central, southern and western regions. Air Liquide pursues profitable growth and sustainable long-term development by creating high performance and fulfilling its responsibilities, and maintains its industry leading position in China. Relying on operational excellence, selective investment, open innovation and networked organizations, the company focuses on areas such as energy, environment, high technology and healthcare to meet challenges and create new market opportunities. With the full support of a professional team, the company is committed to providing customers with reliable services and high value-added solutions, while fulfilling corporate responsibility.
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Air Liquide in China
Starting from supplying Air Separation Units in 1970's and with strong growth in the past decade, Air Liquide operates nearly 90 plants in over 40 cities with about 4,500 employees nationwide today. Its main business includes industrial and medical gas operations, Engineering & Construction via Global E & C Solutions division, as well as innovation activities by advanced Business & Technologies and Shanghai Research & Technology Center. With a strong presence in the key coastal industrial areas, Air Liquide is further expanding into the center, south and west of China. Air Liquide pursues profitable and sustainable growth over the long term through delivering excellent performance and acting responsibly, while maintaining a leading position in China. It relies on operational excellence, selective investments, open innovation and a network organization to meet today's challenges and to create new markets and opportunities with a focus on the energy, environment, high technology, and healt hcare sectors. With dedicated support from its professional teams, Air Liquide China is committed to providing reliable services and value-added solutions to its customers while fulfilling its role as a responsible corporate citizen.
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