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Shanghai Huide Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

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Petroleum and petrochemical natural gas-petroleum, chemical machinery equipment-process systems, coal chemical industry-coal chemical technology, chemical engineering-engineering consulting, petroleum petrochemical natural gas-petrochemical ...
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Company Profile
Shanghai Huide Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Pudong Jinqiao Industrial Technology Development Zone. It is a professional energy-saving consulting and energy-saving technology development company specializing in process energy optimization. The company is guided by the "three-link" theory of the energy flow of the process system proposed by Professor Hua Yi. From a large system perspective, the company provides a systematic energy optimization plan and construction and transformation technology package for the process industry, and undertakes contract energy management projects. The company's technology leader has a PhD in process energy optimization, has working experience in a Fortune 500 company, is a professor in Sinopec's energy conservation high-level seminar, is proficient in energy optimization concepts and methods, has in-depth research on chemical processes and energy-saving technologies, and has a high reputation in the industry. The technical team has experience in chemical plants and rich experience in energy optimization. The technical team has experience in chemical plants and rich experience in energy optimization. The company has accumulated a wealth of diagnostic tools over the years, which can quickly diagnose the factory, find problems, and propose optimized solutions. The company has three departments, the project department, technology department and marketing department, to provide users with high-quality pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. After the large system energy optimization of the whole plant, the energy consumption of oil refineries can be reduced by 20%, chemical plants by 10%, ethylene plants by 5%, coal chemical industry, polysilicon and alumina and other chemical equipment are generally 3-10% In the range.

The company mainly provides energy optimization consulting services and energy optimization software. The main products are: rectification tower system optimization, low temperature thermal system optimization utilization, steam power system optimization, circulating water system optimization, and real-time energy consumption monitoring of chemical plants and Optimize software, etc. Divided into three categories according to service types, design stage optimization, device transformation optimization and operation adjustment optimization. Products are suitable for a variety of process industries, including petrochemical, polysilicon, coal chemical, chlor-alkali chemical, liquefied natural gas, regional energy systems and new energy.

The company upholds the concept of "new ideas, new ideas, new technologies" for customers, new ideas for management and new ideas and technologies for engineering and technical personnel. Taking energy conservation and optimization as our mission, we will solve problems from the source and bring sustainable benefits to the enterprise. Go deep into the scene, listen to the technical staff, and learn from the wisdom of all parties to integrate into the theoretical framework of large-scale system optimization, work together, calculate carefully, and provide users with high-quality solutions.
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经营状态:存续(在营、开业、在册) 企业类型:有限责任公司(自然人投资或控股) 成立日期:2012-09-25 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 91310115054597973L Business status: Continuing (in operation, opening, registered) Business type: limited liability company (investment or holding by natural person) Date of establishment: 2012-09-25 provide
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