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Shenmu Guorong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Fine Chemicals, Coal Chemicals
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Company Profile

Shenmu Guorong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is composed of Shaanxi Ronghe Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (48% of the shares), Shenmu State-owned Assets Operation Company (47.5% of the shares), Shaanxi Shaanhua Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (the shares 4.5%) invested in mixed ownership enterprises. The company makes full use of the advantages of local raw materials and abundant coal resources, vigorously develops a circular economy, extends the industrial chain, promotes the industrial upgrading of the project, and increases the added value of the products; it will construct 60,000 tons / year of 1,4-Dinger in the Jinjie Industrial Park of Shenmu City Alcohol (BDO), 40,000 tons / year γ-butyrolactone (GBL) / N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) combined plant and auxiliary facilities, the total investment of the project is more than 2 billion yuan.
Shenmu Guorong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. always adheres to the strategy of strengthening talents with talents, and regards talents as the first resource of enterprises. In order to further make up for the structural shortcomings of key talents and improve the core competitiveness of the company, the society is now hiring outstanding talents with a college degree or above in related majors. The demand plan is announced as follows:
I. Recruitment positions and requirements:
Water Treatment Specialist
1. Age: 35-50 years old;
2. Education: college degree or above;
3. Major: water treatment related majors;
4. Experience: more than 10 years working experience in water treatment specialty;
5. Familiar with process operations such as circulating water, desalinated water, sewage treatment (traditional activated sludge method + ozone catalytic oxidation), and reuse of recycled water.
6. Understand national and local safety and environmental protection laws and regulations, and industry standards.
7.Responsible for daily professional training of water treatment staff and operation management of related equipment
8. Serious and responsible work, strong communication skills, and proficient in office software.
9. Negotiable salary.
Instrument Specialist
1. Age: 35-50 years old;
2. Education: college degree or above;
3. Major: Major in Instrument Automation;
4. Experience: It is preferred to have more than 10 years of instrument work in chemical companies;
5. Familiar with the installation, maintenance and maintenance of various instruments such as SIS, DCS, PLC and instrument calibration.
6. Familiar with the structure, principle and maintenance of the main instruments at home and abroad, and be responsible for the on-site regulation of the instruments.
7. Understand national and industry laws and regulations and industry standards and norms, and be responsible for the daily management and coordination of instruments and other related equipment, as well as progress and quality control;
8. Do a good job in the collation and management of the technical data of this specialty;
9, work conscientiously, rigorous and meticulous, strong logical thinking ability, strong language / communication ability, proficient OFFICE office software;
10. Good character, good at learning and research, good teamwork spirit, high sense of responsibility and professionalism;
11. Salaries are negotiable.
Application Method:
1. Apply by email. Candidates must submit their resumes, degree certificates, graduation certificates and scanned documents to Shenmu Guorong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Mail naming method: Name + Graduation College + Education + Professional + Gender + Applicant position. E-mail uploading method: Upload resume and scanned documents as related documents. Recruitment Email: 1041129040@qq.com

2. Registration time: From the date of publication of the brochure to January 22, 2019.
3. Company address: Jianong East Road, Jinjie Industrial Park, Shenmu City, Shaanxi Province.

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