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Dark Circle Network Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch

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Fine Chemicals-Daily Chemicals
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Company Profile

"Dark circles", the head mobile internet platform of China's vertical industry .

Through high-quality content output + education training + vertical e-commerce and other integrated product and service solutions,

Establish a new hairdressing brand centered on products and supplemented by an education system.

Make unremitting efforts to build a hairdressing service ecosystem!

At present, the platform has multiple Internet products, which provide effective solutions for American businesses.

“海归” ,又有 95 后的后起之秀。 There are both "returnees" and the rising stars of the post-95s generation. There are no "employees" but partners. We advocate simple and efficient ways of working and communicating. We look forward to and encourage employees to discover and try to solve problems. This is a career stage worth joining. I don't like serious work and insist on happy work. The team is a little friend who loves to play and carry !

Garden-style office in the creative park.

+ 春节假期 11-13 天;免费体检 outing 机会;每月团建,工作之余团队一起吃喝玩乐;还有丰富多彩的节日会和生日会,等你一起来 have funs ~ Six insurances and one fund; statutory paid annual leave + Chinese New Year holidays 11-13 days; free medical examination ; outing opportunities; monthly group building, team work and drink together after work; and colorful festivals and birthday parties, waiting for you Get up have funs ~

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