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Suzhou Xinxing Nuclear Power Technology Service Co., Ltd.

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Since its establishment in 2013, Nova has been pioneering and innovating all the way, maintaining a good momentum of development. After more than 6 years of unremitting efforts and business development, Nova has now developed a number of project bases including Tianwan, Qinshan, Sanmen, Haiyang, National Nuclear Demonstration, Hainan Changjiang, Fujian Fuqing, etc., with more than 200 safety management personnel, professional With more than 10 chemical project teams, it has formed a network structure covering major nuclear power plants and radiating the whole country, and is a high-quality supplier of domestic nuclear power industry safety technology services.

Since its establishment, Xinxing has been adhering to the service concept of “focusing on safety and serving nuclear power”. With strong talents, technology and management resources to face the market, it has provided first-class technical support services for nuclear power enterprises in the field of industrial safety.

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