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Beijing Hexagon Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Beijing Hexagon Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with a registered capital of 12 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of fast food safety testing instruments and testing reagents. It is a national high-tech enterprise. Passed the certification of quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system.

The company adheres to the development concept of innovative development and advocating quality. With the goal of more accurate and faster food safety testing, the company has organized a research and development team to focus on financial resources and vigorously carry out research on new technologies and methods for fast inspection, and has achieved fruitful results. He has successively undertaken more than 10 key projects of national science and technology departments, Beijing and Tianjin science and technology departments, developed 10 kinds of instruments and equipment, and developed more than 200 kinds of rapid test kits and pretreatment reagents; 5 results have passed provincial and ministerial appraisal; obtained More than 30 national independent intellectual property rights, two studies are listed as national industry standards. Among them, dry chromatography detection, dry analysis analysis, paper chip technology, sample pre-treatment technology, etc. have entered the leading domestic ranks, contributed to leading the development of the industry, and injected vitality and vitality into the development of enterprises. Independently developed multi-channel and multi-detector dry chromatograph, fast meat identification instrument, dry chromatograph, paper chip detector, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, heavy metals, poisonous rapid test kits and other products, widely used It has achieved good social and economic benefits in food safety law enforcement supervision agencies and food production enterprises.

The company has a modern testing reagent production workshop, and has the most advanced paper chip, colloidal gold, and solid-phase extraction column production lines in China, which can independently complete the mass production and supply guarantee of the company's products; it has a standardized testing instrument production line, which can complete the annual Production of 2000 units. The company has a perfect quality control system and strict management system, which can ensure that the quality of the produced products meets the production standards approved by the national quality supervision and management department.

The company has a high-quality technical service team to provide customers with technical training and long-term tracking support, with reliable after-sales service guarantee.

After ten years of hard work, "Hexagon Technology" has become a well-known enterprise in the field of food safety testing in China. It has been invited to participate in the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the National Day Capital Parade, food safety guarantee, the 70th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance, the APEC Beijing Summit, Food safety guarantee for major national events such as the G20 Hangzhou Summit.

Under the new situation that food safety is facing many challenges, "Hexagon Technology" is willing to cooperate sincerely with all parties responsible for food safety supervision and testing to provide advanced technology and reliable quality quick inspection products, and provide new and old customers with pre-sales and after-sales Service, work with all parties to make unremitting efforts to improve the level of fast food safety inspection and ensure the health and safety of the people!

With the rapid development of the company's various businesses, a large number of people of insight are urgently required to join, and the following positions are openly recruited for the society:

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经营状态:在业 企业类型:有限责任公司(自然人投资或控股) 成立日期:2006-03-24 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 9111011278687477XM Operating status: Type of enterprise in operation : Limited liability company (invested or controlled by a natural person) Date of establishment: 2006-03-24 provide
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