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Jiangxi Xilinke Co., Ltd.

Taiwan, Hong Kong and domestic joint venture
500-999 people
Petroleum and petrochemical natural gas-petrochemical
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Company Profile

Jiangxi Xilinke Co., Ltd. was established in November 2004 and is located in the Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone in Jiangxi Province. It is a Sino-foreign joint-stock joint-stock company dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of petroleum processing chemicals and fine chemical products. One of the "Key 100" companies, the company has a registered capital of 100 million yuan.

Since the establishment of the company, Xilinke people have carried forward their hard work and are not afraid of hard entrepreneurship. With their ingenuity and hard work, the company has built a modern fine chemical production base covering an area of 300 acres. The main products are gasoline anti-knock agent (MMT), diesel anti-wear agent (R90) and diesel cetane number improver (C-99). In addition to Sinopec Group, PetroChina Group, CNOOC Group, Sinochem Group, Yanchang Group and other large domestic petrochemical companies, the products are also exported to Europe, the Middle East and other overseas countries. At present, the company is still actively researching and developing molecular sieve, oil refining catalyst and other projects.

The company has strong technology research and development capabilities, and many of its products have international advanced technology levels. It has won many national, provincial and ministerial technology awards. The company's products have won the second prize of national science and technology progress. Many people in the technology research and development team enjoy the "Special Allowance of the State Council" and "Special Allowance of the Provincial Government". The technology leader Professor Liao Weilin was awarded "National Excellent Science and Technology Worker" and "National Outstanding Professional "Technical talents" and "national talents of 10 million" and other lifetime honorary titles.

The company has entered a high-speed development stage and now requires a large number of professionals in science and engineering.

At this stage, talents are being vigorously introduced in the designated areas of the province. Qualified relevant talents will enjoy corresponding benefits when they take up employment in the unit.

Attachment: Talent preferential policies and related conditions

I. "Jiejiang Ganjiang"

The talents of the “Jiangjiang Jieqing” program must have certain professional knowledge and skills, have certain operating skills, have worked in a new area enterprise for one year, and are under 45 years of age. They mainly include technical and technical talents who have obtained national intermediate and senior professional qualification certificates ( Senior technicians, technicians and senior technicians) and college students with a bachelor degree or above in a full-time general college within 5 years of graduation. For state-owned enterprise doctoral students or equivalent, refer to the implementation.

Housing security: Jieqing talents who have worked in the New District for more than two consecutive years and have outstanding performance and families without their own housing in the New District. After being recommended by the employer and approved by the New District, they can stay in the New District Talent Apartments and enjoy a two-year rent-free policy, of which they are married Can apply for a set of public rental housing in the new district first; for those who meet the conditions for hiring a talented apartment or rent their own apartment for temporary reasons due to objective reasons, an equivalent subsidy will be given according to the rent standard of the talented apartment in the new district; Jieqing talents who purchase a house for the first time in the New District by themselves will be given a subsidy for buying a house according to the standard of 100,000 yuan for a full-time doctoral student, 60,000 yuan for a full-time master's degree, and 60,000 yuan for a "Ganjiang craftsman".

Guiding minimum annual salary standard: For those who have signed a labor contract with an employer in the New Area and are new to the area for the first time, guide the company to implement the minimum annual salary standard: 50,000 yuan for undergraduates and senior technicians, 60,000 yuan for masters and technicians, PhD students and senior technicians 80,000 yuan. Enterprises that do not implement the minimum annual salary standard shall not enjoy the preferential policies for all talents in the new district during the year.

Living allowance: Living allowance is given to full-time talents in the New District. Senior technicians are 250 yuan per month, undergraduates or technicians are 500 yuan per month, senior technicians or postgraduates are 1,000 yuan per month, and PhD students are 1,500 yuan per month for a period of three years.

Talent awards: For those who have worked full-time in the New District for 1 year or more, who have won national “model workers”, “advanced producers”, skills competitions, etc., or have obtained national advanced professional qualification certificates, they will receive a one-time Awarded 5,000 to 10,000 yuan; carried out "Ganjiang Craftsmen" evaluation and recognition, each year praised 10 "Ganjiang Craftsmen" who have excellent skills in the six major industrial enterprises in the New District and made outstanding contributions, awarded honorary certificates and gave each one A one-time reward of 10,000 yuan; the "Outstanding Contribution Talent" selection will be held every two years, no more than 10 each time, and each person will be awarded 100,000 yuan; for newly introduced or newly awarded "China Skills Award" "National Technical Expert" And highly-skilled talents with comparable levels of awards will be awarded 500,000 yuan to individuals and employers.

The talents to be declared shall submit the following materials in accordance with the requirements of the announcement:

1. Basic information of talents (including ID cards, academic degree certificates (foreign talents need to provide academic credentials) and other proof materials);

2. Relevant certification materials that can best reflect academic, technical level, or performance contributions (independent intellectual property certificates, award certificates, representative works published in international core journals, major projects that have been led, and national and other provinces evaluated and obtained Talent honors, etc.)

Provincial "Double Thousand Plan"

Provincial "Double Thousand Plan" support focuses on: focusing on the needs of Jiangxi's economic and social development, focusing on the new generation of information technology, biomedicine, new optoelectronics, aerospace manufacturing, new energy, new materials and other fields, and vigorously introducing engineering and technological innovation leaders. In particular, the introduction of the “Made in China 2025”, the implementation of the “Internet +” action plan, and the development of key strategic emerging industries and the construction of ecological civilization in our province, such as urgently needed talents and high-level talent teams, promote the province's key core technologies and autonomy A breakthrough in intellectual property.

Application conditions for high-tech talents for science and technology innovation: Applicants who are under 35 years old (women are under 37 years old) can apply for science and technology innovation talents (young) projects. The application requirements are relaxed: Full-time work in Jiangxi for more than 1 year, with A doctoral degree or a title of associate senior or higher, has made its debut in the fields of natural science and engineering technology, and has great development potential. It has achieved peer-recognized and influential innovative results in this industry and field, which meets the following conditions: One: ① Host more than one national scientific research project; ② Publicly publish more than three high-level academic papers in this specialty (ranked first); ③ Get more than one provincial science and technology award third prize (ranked first); ④ own 1 or more scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights (invention of independent intellectual property rights) (ranked first); ⑤ has great development potential in promoting enterprise technology transfer and transformation of major scientific and technological achievements.

Project grants are given to selected persons or teams of the provincial “Double Thousand Plan” project: For science and technology innovation high-end talent project candidates, natural science grants 2 million to 3 million yuan in project funding per person, and financial grants 500,000 to 100 yuan in each person. Project funding of 10,000 yuan; For those selected as high-tech talents (young people) for scientific and technological innovation, project funding of RMB 1 million per person for natural science projects and project funding of RMB 200,000-300,000 per person for financial projects.

Implement preferential tax policies: Housing subsidies, meal subsidies, relocation fees, family visit fees, children's education fees, etc. in the province's wage income within 5 years of the introduction of project-selected projects will be deducted before tax if they comply with tax laws and regulations. The recipients of the introduced projects come to Jiangxi to innovate and start business, and the scientific research and teaching materials entering the country are subject to import tax reduction and exemption procedures by the receiving unit in accordance with relevant state regulations, and the import tax is exempted in accordance with the regulations. A reasonable amount of self-use articles for entry shall be inspected and released without tax in accordance with relevant regulations.

Support for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: For the selected candidates and teams of the "Double Thousand Plan" of the province, grant merit-based funding in project research and development, and platform construction. Provincial science and technology major projects shall be prioritized under the same conditions; various types of science and technology projects, industrialization projects, and technological transformation projects that are declared shall be prioritized under the same conditions; R & D projects and results transformation led by the selected personnel shall be recommended first. Talent innovation and entrepreneurship guidance fund project support, and other innovation and venture capital funds of governments at all levels will give key support arrangements; those that meet the conditions of listing financing, bond financing, and other relevant departments will be listed first.

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经营状态:存续 企业类型:股份有限公司(台港澳与境内合资、未上市) 成立日期:2004-11-02 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 91360100767030061D Operating status: Type of surviving enterprise: Co., Ltd. (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and domestic joint venture, unlisted) Date of establishment: 2004-11-02 provide
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