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Fujian Tianchen Yaolong New Material Co., Ltd.

State-owned enterprise
500-999 people
Fine Chemicals-Biochemical, Fine Chemicals-Organic, Fine Chemicals-Inorganic, Fine Chemicals-Resin, Fine Chemicals-Chemical Fiber
Year-end awards
Five insurances and one gold
Paid annual leave
Housing subsidy
High temperature subsidies
Regular checkup
Holiday benefits
Large development space
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Company Profile

Fujian Tianchen Yaolong New Materials Co., Ltd. (referred to as Tianchen Yaolong) was established in February 2012. It is a large state-owned enterprise jointly funded by China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd. and Fuzhou Yaolong Chemical Group Corporation.
China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd., formerly known as the First Design Institute of the State Administration of Chemical Industry, was established in 1953. It is now a subsidiary of China Chemical Engineering Group Corporation and is a large industrial engineering construction company directly managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Department. Fuzhou Yaolong Chemical Group Company is the only basic chemical raw material production base in Fujian Province that produces soda ash, which affects the development of many downstream industries in Fujian Province. The main products are soda ash, ammonium chloride and nitric acid, with a market share of 90% in the province. the above.
Fujian Tianchen Yaolong New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin Industrial Concentration Zone, Fuqing City, Fujian Province. It is located in the southern wing of Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province, in the middle section of the economic zone on the west side of the Strait. It is 85 kilometers away from Fuzhou, 81.5 kilometers from Changle International Airport, and The area is only 45 kilometers. The industrial area has a beautiful environment and a suitable climate. The overall planned area of the factory area is 1.58 million square meters. The project is developed and constructed in two phases. The company employs about 700 people.
Tianchen Yaolong invested about 4.2 billion yuan in the first phase. After expansion and reconstruction, the scale of construction increased from 200,000 tons / year to 280,000 tons / year. It is currently the largest single caprolactam production line unit in China. The project was successfully commissioned on August 4, 2014, producing high-quality caprolactam products. At present, the device runs stably and has reached full capacity production.
Tianchen Yaolong insists that talents are the foundation of the company's development, and strives to create a development platform and career space for talents, so that each employee can get a stage for hard work, self-expression, and a growing career space.

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经营状态:存续 企业类型:其他有限责任公司 成立日期:2012-02-13 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 913501815895724495 Business status: Continuing business type: Other limited liability company establishment date: 2012-02-13 provide
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