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Anhui Shenjian New Material Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

First, the basic situation of the company

The company was established in 2002 and successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A shares on March 3, 2010 (stock abbreviation: Excalibur; stock code: 002361). The company is a national key high-tech enterprise and has a national enterprise technology center.

(I) Wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures

1) Wuhu Excalibur Yuchang New Materials Co., Ltd. (100% stake) (registered address: Fanhu County Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuhu)

2) Lihuayi Excalibur Chemical Co., Ltd. (holding 40% of the shares) (registered in Shandong Province)

3) Huangshan Excalibur New Materials Co., Ltd. (96.06% stake) (registered address: Huangshan, Anhui)

4) Xi'an Jiaye Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (holding 100%)

5) Ma'anshan Excalibur New Materials Co., Ltd. (100% stake)

(Two) the company operates two main products

1. New chemical material manufacturing

That is, the research and development, production and sales of polyester resin series products for powder coating and its raw materials. With an annual production capacity of 215,000 tons of various polyester resins. Products include indoor, outdoor, PU polyester and other three series of more than 130 products to meet the needs of different users. Products are exported to the Middle East, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries or regions, and are widely praised by users at home and abroad. Excalibur's polyester resin series products have provided supporting services to AkzoNobel, Axalta, PPG, Tiger, Jotun, Haier, Valspar and other high-end customers for a long time, and the market share is among the best.

At present, our company's polyester resin production capacity ranks first in Asia and third in the world.

2. High-end military equipment manufacturing products

That is, the aerospace and rail transportation (high-speed rail, subway) industries provide tooling, structural parts and assembly products.

The company adheres to the core values of teamwork, pragmatism, innovation and competition, operates the company with scientific concepts, seizes the market with high-tech products, satisfies customers with high-quality services, actively seeks the combination of industrial operations and capital markets, and builds dual main businesses to pursue sustainable development the road.

(3) Company honor

In January 2015, the Enterprise Technology Center was identified as the National Enterprise Technology Center;

In October 2011, the company was identified as a "high-tech enterprise" by the competent department of science and technology of Anhui Province;

In November 2011, the "Excalibur" trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in China;

In September 2007, the company was identified as "National Key High-tech Enterprise" by the torch high-tech industrial development center of the competent science and technology department;

In August 2007, it was awarded the "Top 50 Enterprises" by the Anhui Provincial Department of Industry and Commerce and other top 100 private enterprises in the province;

In September 2005, the company was identified as a provincial high-tech enterprise by the Anhui Province Science and Technology Authority;

In November 2004, the company passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification;

In November 2003, the company's technology center was identified as a provincial enterprise technology center;

The company's polyester resin projects and products have won the "National Torch Program Project", "Anhui Province Science and Technology Progress Award", "Provincial Scientific and Technological Research Achievements", "Anhui Famous Brand Products", "Anhui High-tech Products" and other honors. .

Operation of the company in 2018

Based on long-term development, the company has entered the market from a high starting point, citing world-class automated resin production equipment, and adopts the most advanced double-cylinder pressurization process in the world. It attaches importance to investment in research and development, and training of talents. It has advanced technology and continues to develop new customers Product, technology development and service capabilities are ahead of schedule, and internal management is very orderly. To make the best resin products, adhere to the market rules that people have what they have, people who have the best, people who are the best, and people who are the best. Consolidate old customers and tap new customer resources.

In 2018, we will continue to use foreign trade exports as the main driving force for sales growth, focusing on the development of PROTECH Canada & US factories, AXALTA US, PPG US, and IRAN markets. In addition, many foreign companies such as JOTUN Coatings and TIGER Coatings also have clear plans for cooperation and replacement projects with us. The international market has been further expanded. The sales volume of overseas markets reached a new high throughout the year, exceeding 30,000 tons.

With the continuous expansion of the company's overseas market, the company started the preparations for the establishment of a polyester resin factory and a technology research and development center in Europe.

With the support and concern of Wuhu City and Wuhu Economic Development Zone, the company has sold more than 138,800 tons of products so far, ranking first in the domestic segmented market.

The company seeks the harmonious development of the enterprise and the environment, and has always taken the road of sustainable development unswervingly. With reasonable profits and economic benefits, it has actively invested in advanced equipment and technology. By identifying the risks that the company may cause to the society during its operations, and strictly complying with various relevant laws and regulations, various effective governance measures are taken to meet the requirements of laws and regulations and safeguard social and public interests.

With the introduction and use of the Japanese waste gas treatment and incineration equipment with more than 20 million yuan of single equipment introduced in 2017, our company's environmental treatment technology renovation project further consolidated the company's environmental treatment effect.

Development plan for 2019

Shenjian Co., Ltd. is based on Wuhu and takes a long-term development path. While focusing on product quality and expanding the market, it accelerates product innovation and research and development capabilities, and continuously improves corporate culture and system construction.

Pay attention to product quality, carefully maintain new and old equipment, ensure safe production, and achieve double improvement in product quality and quantity;

Expand the market and strengthen the core competitiveness of the company. The company will continue to develop new and marketable products and reform the sales promotion incentive mechanism to increase the motivation of sales staff. Actively explore international markets to ensure sustained and rapid growth of foreign trade business. Consolidate the existing major customers' insurance and growth, aim at the potential growth of target users, accelerate the cultivation, and compete for powerful customers. Constantly expand emerging areas, enlarge and strengthen the main business, and stand on the tide of the industry.

Accelerate the development of new products and highlight business competitiveness. The company will continue to increase investment in new product research and development. Through increased recruitment and self-cultivation, it will establish a higher level of innovative research and development teams and establish a long-term training mechanism for research and development personnel. Use research and development to establish barriers to market competition and enrich the product structure.

Continuously improve the corporate culture and system construction, improve the company's management level, the company adheres to the concept of advancing with the times and continuously innovating, with the guiding ideology of “aspirations for the long-term, forging the foundation of the Evergreen Foundation”, starting from reality, achieving unity of content and form . By improving the corporate culture and system construction, we can make everyone understand, recognize the mission and responsibility of the best polyester resin of the Excalibur, establish an efficient institutionalized management platform, coordinate the cooperation between departments, and establish a set of scientific, An effective human resources assessment and incentive system integrates individual goals and company goals.

The company's perfect employment mechanism, broad development space, perfect salary and welfare system and motivating salary level are good places for you to choose your career. We warmly welcome you to join us!

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