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Guangzhou Chuangte Technology Co., Ltd.

Private / Private Enterprise
50-99 people
Fine Chemicals-Biochemicals, Fine Chemicals-Organic, Fine Chemicals-Inorganic, Fine Chemicals-Pesticide Fertilizers, Fine Chemicals-Reagent Auxiliaries ...
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Company Profile
Guangzhou Chuangte was established in May 2000, focusing on providing customers with unique value material handling solutions. Chuang Te has always focused on customer needs, and has taken the lead in the market in three strategic areas of chemical industry, food and medicine, and new energy. The company currently has branches in Beijing and Shanghai, and the team can provide professional technical services covering the whole country.

Adhering to the concept of "innovation makes customers", the company has cooperated with many top 500 global companies in three strategic areas such as: BP, SABIC, DUPONT, BAYER, P & G, 3M, INVISTA, TDK, Shenhua, Datang International, Wanhua Chemical Leading companies in Bohai Chemical or sub-sectors have launched technical cooperation and successfully implemented many domestic and international first applications. They were highly praised by customers and were rated as high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2009. The company currently has the expertise of pneumatic and dense phase powder conveying systems, and has established a complete powder and granular material property testing laboratory. It has proprietary technical solutions in the fields of container loading and unloading trucks, large / small bag loading and unloading, and precision batching. The solution, through 3D design, integrates advanced process control concepts, provides customers with accurate customized systems, and improves customers' competitiveness in the industry.

While developing, the company always pays attention to the good work experience and growth of employees, encourages "progress to start with the courage to take responsibility", and actively creates conditions to provide employees with a platform for continuous improvement, while giving "result-oriented" employees greater rights and interests.
Chuang Te provides outstanding employees with competitive compensation and benefits in the same industry, and continuously improves the salary and incentive model based on performance and goals. And for colleagues:
1. According to the unit's business performance and personal performance, issue year-end awards and performance bonuses;
2. Purchasing “eight insurances and one fund” for employees based on full salary bases (endowment insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, major illness insurance, medical insurance, commercial accident insurance, and provident fund) in accordance with national laws and regulations ;
3. Spacious development space and platform, and promotion opportunities;
4. Five-day work system, flexible working hours: 8: 30-17: 30 or 9: 00-18: 00, and the rest time is 12: 00-13: 30;
5. In addition to the requirements of the national labor law to enjoy all statutory holidays, provide 5-15 days of paid annual leave;
6, enjoy the unit meal allowance;
7. Issue shopping cards on statutory holidays such as Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival;
8. Birthday meals and birthday benefits cards;
9. Employees traveling abroad, annual medical examinations, and party dinners;
10. Special job nature enjoy high temperature subsidy.

We welcome all people with passion, dreams, and enthusiasm to become our loyal partners on the road to growth!
Company Address: Room 2307-2310, Dongzhao Building, 515 Dongfeng Middle Road, Guangzhou
Website: www.chinabulk.com

Traffic sign
Subway: Please take Guangzhou Metro Line 1 to the "Nongjiansuo" Subway Station and take Exit C toward Dongfeng Middle Road
Bus line: Nearest stop: Get off at Zhenggu Hospital Station (for details, please call 12580 or check online)
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