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Beijing Purui Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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1-49 people
Chemical machinery and equipment-machinery, petroleum and petrochemical natural gas-petroleum, chemical engineering-engineering consulting, other-other, chemical machinery and equipment-equipment ...
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Company Profile

Beijing Purui Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in August 2001. Our company is committed to the introduction of foreign advanced filtration technology and products, and at the same time combined with domestic production practices, develop our own technology and products. The company's development goals are: strive to build the company into a high-tech company with first-class services, advanced technology, integrating science, industry and trade.

Our company focuses on the development of technology and the provision of high-tech filtration technology, and we think that people can't take their own breakthrough goals. So far, the filter technologies developed by our company include: coking plant sulfur-containing sewage filter system, fuel oil filtration System, the imitation and development of slurry filter system; these are unmatched by domestic filter companies.

The technical products introduced by our company include high-performance filter products and coalescer products from American companies. Especially the coalescer technology, our company has fully mastered. We can proudly say that, so far, all the coalescers provided by our company for users have been successful, and no coalescer has failed or failed to meet production requirements due to improper selection. This is also unmatched by other domestic filter manufacturers.

Our company is currently the sole agent of American Velcon in China; it is also the sole agent of German GKD in the Chinese chemical industry.
We are members of Sinopec and PetroChina's material supply network.
Our company's current business scope involves petroleum, refining, chemical, pharmaceutical and power.
Mission: honesty, customer first; development, active service.

1. The company provides comprehensive welfare benefits (social insurance, commercial insurance, provident fund, call subsidy, etc.)
工商信息由天眼查提供 Filing information— Business information provided by Tianyancha
经营状态:在业 企业类型:有限责任公司(自然人投资或控股) 成立日期:2001-08-17 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 91110108X00382416Y Operating status: Type of enterprise in operation : Limited liability company (invested or controlled by natural person) Date of establishment: 2001-08-17 provide
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