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Yaken (Shanghai) New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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Fine Chemicals, Environmental Protection, New Energy
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Company Profile

AHKING )是专业为金属制造与金属加工行业提供全方位石油化学品服务的公司。 AHKING (Shanghai) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. ( AHKING ) is a company that provides comprehensive petrochemical services for the metal manufacturing and metal processing industries.

总部位于中国经贸中心的上海中心区,现已拥有一家子公司(上海一博化学有限公司),七个办事处,她具有完整的产品体系、完善的行政组织结构及完备的营销网络,至今 AHKING 在中国已初具规模。 AHKING is headquartered in the central area of Shanghai, China's economic and trade center. It now has a subsidiary (Shanghai Yibo Chemical Co., Ltd.) and seven offices. She has a complete product system, a sound administrative organization structure and a complete marketing network. AHKING has begun to take shape in China.

下设企划与法务部、财务部、销售中心、技术中心、行政中心,三个中心两个部门。 AHKING has a planning and legal department, a finance department, a sales center, a technology center, an administrative center, and three departments and two departments. It has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Changchun, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu and Xi'an.

拥有完备的实验室和先进的检测控制仪器设备,汇聚了从交通大学润滑添加剂实验室聘任的教授、高级工程师、高级实验师及工程师等一批专业研发人员,使公司产品和技术保持领先水平。 AHKING has a complete laboratory and advanced detection and control equipment, bringing together a group of professional R & D personnel such as professors, senior engineers, senior experimenters and engineers hired from the Lubricant Additives Laboratory of Jiaotong University to keep the company's products and technology at the leading level .

AK 品牌,有三大系列 200 余种产品:一是金属制造与金属加工行业的表面处理石油化学品(如脱脂剂、防锈剂、防锈油、除锈剂、磷化液等);二是金属制造与金属加工过程的润滑介质(如金属加工液、金属加工油等);三是工业设备润滑介质(如液压油、导轨油、空压机油等)。 The company has the AK brand registered in China and has three major series of more than 200 products: one is the surface treatment petrochemicals in the metal manufacturing and metal processing industries (such as degreasing agents, rust preventives, rust preventive oils, rust removers, phosphating Fluids, etc.); second, the lubricants for metal manufacturing and metal processing (such as metalworking fluids, metalworking oils, etc.); third, the lubricants for industrial equipment (such as hydraulic oil, guide rail oil, air compressor oil, etc.). AK-332B (能很好解决热处理清洗斑点问题)、水基型防锈剂 AK-421C (防锈期能超过一年,同行业的产品基本不能超过一个月)、剃齿加工油 AK-813 (能很好地杜绝轻微划伤),还有深孔钻油 AK-822 、空压机油 AK-917 等都具有较大的性能优势。 In the same industry, some products have advanced levels, such as heat treatment cleaning agent AK-332B (which can solve the problem of heat treatment and cleaning spots), water-based rust inhibitor AK-421C (the rust prevention period can exceed one year, the same The products in the industry can basically not exceed one month), the shaving processing oil AK-813 (which can well prevent minor scratches), as well as the deep-hole drilling oil AK-822 and the air compressor oil AK-917 , etc. Performance advantage.

AHKING 在中国服务超过 680 余家客户,其中有对加工要求极为苛刻的飞机制造领域客户,有对润滑要求较高的汽车领域客户,有对加工精度极高的设备仪器及电子等领域客户。 At present, AHKING serves more than 680 customers in China . Among them are customers in the aircraft manufacturing field with extremely demanding processing requirements, customers in the automotive field with high lubrication requirements, and customers in the field of equipment and electronics with high processing accuracy. . AHKING 产品性价及服务的认同,公司将继续秉承“满足客户的要求和期望,是 AHKING 唯一标准”的质量理念,为各行业提供优质的产品和服务。 The ability to establish long-term and stable cooperation with these customers is based on customers' recognition of AHKING product prices and services. The company will continue to adhere to the quality concept of "meeting customer requirements and expectations, which is the only standard for AHKING ", and provide high-quality products for various industries. and service.

AHKING 成为一个在行业内具有 重大影响的 企业, AHKING 成为一个十分具有价值的企业,这是 AHKING 成立时树立的远大而明确的发展目标之一。 Making AHKING a company with significant influence in the industry and making AHKING a very valuable enterprise is one of the ambitious and clear development goals established when AHKING was established. 以“ 坚定目标,坚信自己;开拓进取,勇于超越”为企业精神,不断提升 企业文化,让 AHKING 具竞争力,以此 AHKING 为中国的金属加工与制造行业提供更好专业的产品和专心的服务。 AHKING takes " firm goals, believe in itself; forge ahead, courage to surpass" as the enterprise spirit, continuously improve the corporate culture, make AHKING more competitive, so that AHKING provides better professional products and Attentive service.

A century-old business, environment-oriented, technology first, integrity-based, quality first.

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经营状态:存续 企业类型:其他有限责任公司 成立日期:2017-10-24 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 91310120MA1HN5F410 Operating status: Continuing enterprise type: Other limited liability company Establishment date: 2017-10-24 provide
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