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Shanghai Nibai Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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Fine chemicals, petrochemical natural gas, chemical engineering, chemical machinery equipment
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Registered and established in October 2011, it is a domestic and German engineering technology company integrating powder engineering complete sets of equipment, energy saving and environmental protection systems, specialization of mechanical and electrical products, and technical services. The R & D team composed of engineers with rich professional knowledge and practical R & D experience, and the process, technology and production guidance of the main systems and equipment in the field of powder engineering are important advantages of the company's technological research and innovation.
The company adheres to the people-oriented development concept, attaches importance to the growth of employees, adopts flat management, relaxed work content design, encourages innovation and optimization, provides resources and supports the protection of employees' professional development. The company organizes employee activities and training and exchange activities from time to time to create an open and comfortable working environment and atmosphere. Adhering to the employment concept of "having both morals and talents, giving priority to morals, and growing together", we are willing to work with you to dream the future quickly!
The main products are air conveying systems, silos and blenders used in the petrochemical, plastic, rubber, and food industries. Nibion Technology has the ability to independently design the entire conveying system and has the world's largest industrial scale experimental device. Not only that, we also produce a variety of key components for conveying systems, such as rotary valves, directional valves, samplers, elutriators, gravimetric scales and much more.
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经营状态:存续 企业类型:有限责任公司(自然人投资或控股) 成立日期:2011-01-14 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 91310115568046490R Operating status: Continuing business type: Limited liability company (investment or holding by a natural person) Establishment date: 2011-01-14 provide
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