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Quangang Petrochemical Research Institute of Fujian Normal University

50-99 people
Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas-Petrochemical, Environmental Protection New Energy-Environmental Engineering, Others
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年,是福建师范大学和泉州市泉港区人民政府为实施“石化强省”战略、促进科技与产业紧密结合、建设区域创新体系而建立的新型研发机构,是福建省首批省级新型研发机构和泉州市A类新型研发机构。 The Quangang Petrochemical Research Institute of Fujian Normal University was established in 2013. It is a new type of research and development established by Fujian Normal University and the People's Government of Quangang District of Quanzhou City to implement the strategy of "strong province of petrochemicals", promote the close integration of science and technology, and build a regional innovation system. The institution is the first batch of provincial-level new R & D institutions in Fujian Province and Class A new R & D institutions in Quanzhou.

Adhering to Fujian Normal University's century-long tradition of high-quality education and scientific research, the Institute adheres to the concept of “landing in Quangang, serving Quanzhou, and radiating the whole province” and the academy ’s motto of “self-improvement and practical innovation”. , Team management "model, focusing on technology development, transfer, technical consulting and service, inspection and testing, and deepening the reform of the science and technology system around the national innovation-driven development strategy and the major needs of the Fuxiaquan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. Strengthen the vitality of scientific and technological innovation, and take the initiative to serve the regional innovation system and petrochemical industry enterprises with the goal of research and development of applied technologies of new chemical materials and the transformation of achievements.

亩,拥有10000m2的办公、科研及中试场所,现有职工30余人。 The institute occupies an area of 39 acres, has 10,000m2 of office, scientific research and pilot test sites, and currently has more than 30 employees. 个技术研究实验室、 6个测试表征实验室以及4条中试生产线,科研设备总值达千万元以上,具备了技术开发与成果转化、技术咨询与服务、检验检测等科技创新与服务能力。 The institute is committed to the research of advanced polymer materials, new energy materials, cutting-edge new materials, and resource recycling. It has established 8 technology research laboratories, 6 test and characterization laboratories, and 4 pilot production lines. Value of more than 10 million yuan, with technology development and achievement transformation, technical consulting and service, inspection and testing technology innovation and service capabilities.

? 18协同创新院先进高分子材料分院” 、“ 泉州市先进高分子材料重大研发平台”、“泉州市聚氨酯产业技术创新战略联盟”、“ 泉港区安全生产宣传教育培训基地”、“ 泉港区农产品质量安全检验检测站”等各级平台十余个。 The institute vigorously builds a scientific and technological innovation platform, and has been approved as "Fujian Environmental Friendly Polymer Material Innovation Center", "Fujian Synthetic Resin Functional Technology R & D Platform", and "Fujian 6-18 Collaborative Innovation Institute Advanced Polymer Material Branch" , "Quanzhou Advanced Polymer Materials R & D Platform", "Quanzhou Polyurethane Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance", "Quangang District Safety Production Publicity Education Training Base", "Quangang District Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Inspection and Testing Station" and other levels More than ten platforms.

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