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Hefei Aplas Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Joint venture
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Company Profile
Hefei ALL-PLUS is a joint venture with Singapore XIN PLUS. It is located in the fine chemical zone of Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park (East of Feidong County, Zhuozhen).

The company occupies an area of nearly 200 mu, with a total investment of about 100 million yuan, and will be completed in three phases. The first phase of construction is being implemented to produce ATBS high molecular polymer monomer products. The first phase of the project has an annual production capacity of 8,000 tons and an output value of 200 million yuan. The first unit of the company's first-phase project was completed in May 2009 and reached trial production. After the completion of the third phase of the project, a large-scale high-tech fine chemical company with an annual production capacity of about 80,000 tons and an output value of about 2 billion will be completed.

Our company has strong technical development strength, has its own R & D center, and has professional R & D personnel such as professors and doctors who specialize in the subsequent development and research of products. It has established extensive technical cooperation relationships with domestic universities such as Tianjin University, Nanjing University of Chemical Technology and foreign scientific research institutions.

In the domestic and foreign market competition, the company is following the road of new industrialization and sustainable development, advancing with the times, pioneering and innovating, and striving to maximize social value, shareholder value, customer value, and employee value, in order to build a strong and international Unremitting efforts of first-class enterprises.

The company upholds the concepts of innovation, cooperation, and progress. With the efforts of a large number of scientific researchers, the company has mastered a number of core technologies and key equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights. , Always in a strong competitive position.
工商信息由天眼查提供 Filing information— Business information provided by Tianyancha
经营状态:存续(在营、开业、在册) 企业类型:有限责任公司(中外合资) 成立日期:2008-04-18 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 913401006742113301 Business status: Survival (in operation, opening, inscription ) Business type: limited liability company (Chinese-foreign joint venture) Date of establishment: 2008-04-18 provide
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