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Ningbo Keyuan Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd.

Joint venture
500-999 people
Fine Chemicals-Biochemicals, Fine Chemicals-Organic, Fine Chemicals-Inorganic, Fine Chemicals-Pesticide Fertilizers, Fine Chemicals-Reagent Auxiliaries ...
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Company Profile
Ningbo Keyuan Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with a registered capital of RMB 659.7 million. At present, it has twelve sets of modern equipment including raw material pretreatment equipment, heavy oil cracking to light olefins equipment, ethylbenzene and styrene equipment, cracking oil separation equipment, transformer oil equipment and adsorption separation equipment, PAS hydrogen extraction equipment, etc. The main products include More than 30 kinds of refined high-end chemical products such as high-grade solvents and chemical cleaning agents are widely used in chemical, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, food, precision electronics, optical and other industries. Among these fine chemical products, First, it has the largest market share and belongs to the high-tech enterprises supported by the local government.
Based on the "people-oriented" principle, the company promotes a "warm and harmonious" corporate culture and fully respects each employee. In addition to providing a good working and living environment, it also provides market-competitive compensation and benefits:
1. Competitive post wages
2. Good career development channels and vocational training plans. Company personnel establish a training model of talent echelon and provide corresponding training according to different stages.
3. Provide comprehensive social insurance protection (five insurances and one fund), plus additional commercial insurance.
4. Enjoy paid holidays, including annual vacations, family visits, and family visits.
5. It has 2 staff apartments (newly renovated dormitory), cafeteria and staff activity center, free working meals, and multiple shuttle routes to and from work.
6. Organize a rich cultural life: party activities, full travel, outreach training, various sports competitions, etc .; the union has voluntary organizations such as volunteer associations, table tennis feathers associations, outdoor associations, and basketball associations.
7. All kinds of benefits will be paid on key holidays.

Application Notes:
Bring a valid personal ID, academic credentials, resume (including photos), relevant professional qualification certificates, etc.

Applicable bus routes:
Candidates from other places: After getting off at the train station, take Line 753, 783 to Jiangjiacun Station (or Yanggongshan Station) or Line 778, 754, 783, 390 to Xiaogang Union Station and take a taxi to the company.
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经营状态:存续 企业类型:其他有限责任公司 成立日期:2007-04-26 备案信息由 Unified social credit code: 91330206799540007G Business status: Continuing enterprise type: Other limited liability company Establishment date: 2007-04-26 provide
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