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Updated: 2020-01-11

Disco Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

  • 私营/民营企业 Company Nature: Private / Private Enterprise
  • 500 - 999人 Company size: 500-999 people
  • 湖北-武汉市 Work location: Hubei-Wuhan
  • 全职 Job Nature: Full-time
  • 初中及以上 Educational requirements: junior high school and above
  • 二年以上 Work experience: more than two years
  • 不限 Professional requirements: unlimited
  • 不限 Foreign language requirements: unlimited
  • 8000~12000 元/月 Salary: 8000 ~ 12000 yuan / month
  • 不限 Title requirements: unlimited
  • 10人 Number of recruits: 10
  • 2020-01-06 ~ 2020-11-25 Date of recruitment: 2020-01-06 ~ 2020-11-25

Basic salary + commission + performance bonus + development bonus + company car + huge year-end bonus + room and board subsidy + fuel, road and bridge, transportation expenses

Promotion Channel:

Regional Manager → Senior Regional Manager → Regional Manager → Provincial Director → Vice President of Sales

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for managing all daily work in the area, timely communication and implementation of the company's marketing policies.

2. Assist provincial directors to formulate sales plans in the region, and be responsible for organization and implementation. Assist provincial directors to set sales goals, break down sales goals, and lead teams to achieve sales goals.

3. Responsible for the management of distributors in the area, and carry out development, maintenance, publicity, and promotion of distributors.

4. Responsible for the management of terminal managers in the area, and arrange, inspect, supervise and guide the work of terminal managers.

5. Responsible for the organization and implementation of market launch conferences, off-season winter storage conferences, new product promotion conferences, and end-user thank-you meetings in the region, and supervise the organization and implementation of terminal managers 'promotion conferences, farmers' meetings, promotion meetings, and technology demonstration fields.

job requirements:

1. Aged 25--40 years old, technical secondary school or above, agricultural related professionals are preferred, more than three years of sales experience in agricultural materials industry or FMCG industry, suitable for long-term business trips, holding a driving license (excellent can be appropriate) Relax requirements);

2. Strong communication, coordination and market expansion capabilities, strong ability to independently develop and maintain customers, and management experience in sales teams and new customer development;

3. Serious and responsible work, strong execution, obedience to deployment, good at developing and maintaining the sales market;

4. Strong affinity, good at communicating with dealers and farmers, effectively resolve market contradictions and market risks.

contact details

  • The company has set up confidentiality, please apply through the system.
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Latest Hubei Regional Manager Position Remuneration Quotes

Disco Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

Disco Chemical Group Co., Ltd., established in 2004, has more than 1,000 employees and has multiple branches under its jurisdiction. It is a comprehensive group company integrating R & D, production, sales and international trade of high-end fertilizers and new fertilizers. Disco is building a leading company in the global fertilizer industry with the development concept of “melting global technology and creating a world brand”.
Disco brings together the world's top technology talents and has two major research and development centers around the world. Establish strategic cooperation with many domestic and foreign scientific research institutes and enterprises to carry out innovative research in the fields of plant nutrition, high-end fertilizers, and crop total solutions. Adhering to innovative research and development combined with market demand and cutting-edge technology drive, Disco has always been at the forefront of the fertilizer industry.
Disco's total investment in China reached more than 2 billion yuan, covering a total area of more than 1,000 acres. Existing four production bases in Wuhan, Hubei, Yichang, Hebei, Langfang, and Qujing, Yunnan, with an annual capacity of 2 million tons and an annual output value of more than 4 billion yuan; plans to build five major production bases in South China, East China, Southeast, Northeast, and Northwest, forming The production base covers the industrial structure of China.
Disco is always at the forefront of global agricultural science and technology and adheres to the development of globalization. It will set up five offices in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania, and conduct technical cooperation with scientific research institutions and institutes in more than 20 agricultural advanced countries around the world. More than 30 countries around the world have launched trade exchanges, and more than 100 well-known companies in the agricultural field have conducted strategic cooperation.

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