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  • 全职 Job Nature: Full-time
  • 中专及以上 Educational requirements: technical secondary school and above
  • 不限 Work experience: unlimited
  • 化工相关专业 Professional requirements: majors in chemical engineering
  • 不限 Foreign language requirements: unlimited
  • 4500~5999 元/月 Salary: 4500 ~ 5999 yuan / month
  • 不限 Title requirements: unlimited
  • 若干 Number of Recruitment: Several
  • 2019-03-12 ~ 2020-03-10 Date of recruitment: 2019-03-12 ~ 2020-03-10

、大专及以上学历,化工及相关专业(应届生尤佳)1. College degree or above, chemical engineering and related majors ( preferably fresh graduates ) ;
、能适应倒班,服从公司安排;工作认真负责,有责任心。 2. Able to adapt to shifts and obey company arrangements; work conscientiously and with responsibility.

Job Responsibilities:

、服从当班的值班主任和班长的领导,尽职尽责的完成本职工作; 1. Obey the leadership of the on-duty shift supervisor and squad leader, and perform their duties with due diligence;

、敬业爱岗,遵章守纪,作一名符合企业要求的好员工; 2. Dedicated to work, obey rules and regulations, and be a good employee that meets the requirements of the enterprise;

、精心操作,严格控制各项工艺指标,主要工艺参数平稳率在95 %以上; 3. Careful operation, strict control of various process indicators, the stability rate of main process parameters is above 95 %;

、努力学习安全知识,安全技能,提高事故应变能力; 4. Strive to learn safety knowledge, safety skills, and improve emergency response capabilities;

、对本岗位所管辖的设备做到四懂三会 5. Achieve " Four Understandings and Three Meetings " for the equipment under this post;

、岗位记录工整、真实。 6. Post records are neat and true.

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Latest salary quotes for main / deputy / operator positions in Zhejiang

Sanjiang Chemical Co., Ltd.

China Sanjiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (stock code: HK2198) was founded in 2003. It owns Sanjiang Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Sanjiang Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. and Jiaxing Sanjiang Haojia Polymer Material Technology Co., Ltd., with registered capital of USD 15.278 million The company occupies an area of more than 900 acres and has more than 900 employees.

The company has now built five sets of ethylene oxide equipment that introduced the independent intellectual property technology of American Scientific Design Corporation (SD), with an annual production of 580,000 tons of ethylene oxide and 280,000 tons of ethylene glycol; a joint venture with South Korea's Honam Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Project: Sanjiang Lotte Chemical Co., Ltd. 100,000 tons of ethylene oxide / year, 18,000 Nm3 / h air separation unit; 1.8 million tons / year methanol-to-olefins plant built using the DMTO independent intellectual property process technology of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences One set; two sets of 20,000Nm3 low-temperature ethylene storage devices imported from German TGE company technology; 400,000 tons / year non-ionic surfactant device, one set of 40,000Nm3 / h air separation device, two sets of 4000Nm3 / h nitrogen liquefaction device, 50,000 tons / year carbon dioxide device and public supporting facilities.

The 300,000 tons / year polypropylene project invested and constructed by the company was successfully started in June 2016 and March 2018, respectively. The 400,000 tons / year DMTO mixed carbon four deep processing heterogeneous co-production MTBE project was successfully started in February 2017.

The company is located in the Economic Development Zone of Jiaxing Port District, Zhejiang Province, next to Zhapu Port, a national first class open port, close to Hangzhou Bay, close to the cross-sea bridge, Zhajiasu, Shanghai-Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Puhe Expressway and Provincial Highway 01. It is only an hour's drive from Ningbo, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai, and the transportation is very convenient.

We will carry forward the enterprise spirit of "Unity and Cooperation, Forge ahead, Advance with the Times, and Create the Future". In the enterprise tenet of "Integrity, Competition, Cooperation, and Win-win", we will adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy and adhere to "safety and health" "Environmentally friendly" management principle, in the Jiaxing Port area where Mr. Sun Yat-Sen wrote the famous name of "Oriental Grand Port", China Sanjiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was built into a new olefin, ethylene oxide, surfactant and new chemical material. Integrated Group Company.

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