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Electrical engineer

Updated: 2020-01-12

Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co., Ltd. — Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co., Ltd. Taizhou Xinnong Fine Chemical Plant

  • 私营/民营企业 Company Nature: Private / Private Enterprise
  • 500 - 999人 Company size: 500-999 people
  • 浙江-台州市 Location: Zhejiang-Taizhou
  • 全职 Job Nature: Full-time
  • 大专及以上 Educational requirements: college and above
  • 五年以上 Work experience: more than five years
  • 化工类、机电类、... Professional requirements: chemical, mechanical and electrical, ...
  • 不限 Foreign language requirements: unlimited
  • 7000~9000 元/月 Salary: 7000 ~ 9000 yuan / month
  • 不限 Title requirements: unlimited
  • 1人 Number of recruits: 1
  • 2019-10-18 ~ 2020-03-12 Date of recruitment: 2019-10-18 ~ 2020-03-12

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the collection, classification and application of laws and regulations related to the country's power meter and industry technical information and intelligence;

2. Responsible for the organization, implementation and improvement of the management system for metering, electricity, and instrumentation, including the implementation and management of the measurement management system; organize the preparation, balance, and implementation of technical reforms and regular repair plans for electrical instruments;

3. Responsible for formulating verification regulations and supervising the implementation of various measuring equipment, and responsible for preparing overhaul plans for electrical, electronic, and instrumental equipment;

4. Formulate verification and verification test plans for electrical equipment, instruments, relay protection and electrical insulation, and lightning protection and static electricity;

5. Responsible for the declaration and transfer of power metering equipment, selection of power metering equipment and acceptance of the company's power metering equipment, and waste storage of power metering equipment;

6. Responsible for the selection and engineering design of the company's water, electricity, steam, cold and other measuring instruments, and the introduction of new technologies for energy saving and consumption reduction in water and electricity;

7. Responsible for the review of the drawings of the electrical equipment project designed by the external unit, and do a good job in the balance of electrical energy and safe, planned, and energy-saving work;

8. Responsible for checking the implementation of the work plan of subordinate employees and responsible for the performance management and evaluation of subordinate employees; compile a work summary and report on the completion of the work plan last month;

9. Responsible for supervising and inspecting the accuracy and verification of measuring instruments; checking the implementation of major and minor repairs and technical renovations of metering equipment.


1. Basic requirements: college degree or above, major in instrumentation or electrical engineering;

2. Work experience: More than 5 years of electrical instrument management work experience in large and medium-sized chemical companies;

3. Knowledge requirements: possess professional knowledge of metrology, electrical, instrumentation, equipment management, product production technology, site management knowledge, and safety and environmental protection knowledge;

4. Ability requirement: Must have strong execution ability, analysis ability, planning ability, and certain learning ability and problem-solving ability;

5. Professionalism: Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, good team spirit.

contact details

  • Contact: Mr. Yang
  • Address: Yantou Development Zone, Jiaojiang, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province [Show map]
  • Postcode: 318000
  • phone: 39
  • Fax: 0576- 7098
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Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and operation. It currently has more than 900 employees, including more than 180 technical personnel of various types, and more than 30 external experts. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to developing high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, safe, environmentally-friendly green pesticides and high-tech fine chemical product series. At present, it has formed the Hangzhou Marketing Center in Zhejiang; Zhejiang Xianju, Zhejiang Taizhou, and Jiangsu Rudong. Production bases; Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and Nanjing University are three joint R & D centers. And well-known multinational companies such as Bayer and BASF have established strategic partnerships. The "New Agricultural Trademark" has been identified as "China's Well-known Trademark" and the company's independent innovation capability has been rated as "Top 10 Innovation Capability Industries" by the state. The company's products cover 21 provinces and cities nationwide and are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Africa.

While the business is developing rapidly, the company is committed to strengthening internal basic management and team building. Based on the talent concept of “gathering people with sincerity, using people with morality, educating people with love, and retaining people with love”, the company has established a national postdoctoral workstation, Level R & D center, talent apartment, and constantly create and improve the mechanism of attracting, educating, using and retaining talents, and strive to create an environment and atmosphere for all types of outstanding talents with both morals and talents. Xinnong Company warmly welcomes you to join and create a happy harvest!

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