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  • 全职 Job Nature: Full-time
  • 大专及以上 Educational requirements: college and above
  • 三年以上 Work experience: more than three years
  • 不限 Professional requirements: unlimited
  • 不限 Foreign language requirements: unlimited
  • 9000~10000 元/月 Salary: 9,000 ~ 10,000 yuan / month
  • 不限 Title requirements: unlimited
  • 若干 Number of Recruitment: Several
  • 2019-06-04 ~ 2020-03-11 Date of recruitment: 2019-06-04 ~ 2020-03-11
Petrochemical project budgeter, requires college degree, three years of work experience

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  • The company has set up confidentiality, please apply through the system.
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China Construction Installation Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Company

China Construction Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Construction Installation), formerly known as the 318 regiment of the 106th Division of the 36th Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, was established in December 1949. In 1983, it was reorganized collectively as the Industrial Equipment Installation Company of China Construction No. 8 Bureau. 是世界500强中建集团有限公司旗下最具影响力和核心竞争力的专业公司,是中建集团主业发展的强力专业支撑。 In 2012, it was renamed as China Construction Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. It is the most influential and core competitive professional company under the world top 500 China Construction Group Co., Ltd. It is a strong professional support for the development of China Construction Group's main business.

下设7个全资/控股子公司,21个分公司,境外注册机构6家,在雄安新区、南京江北新区等全国各大城市及机构设立子企业。 The company is based in Nanjing, with 6,696 employees, and has 7 wholly-owned / holding subsidiaries, 21 branches, and 6 overseas registration agencies. It has established subsidiaries in major cities and institutions across the country, including Xiong'an New District and Nanjing Jiangbei New District.

The company integrates investment, design, construction, manufacturing and operation to achieve the development of the entire industry value chain. 机电安装两大核心主业,对标世界一流水准、全球最高水平。 The two core businesses of petrochemical engineering and mechanical and electrical installation are benchmarked against world-class standards and the highest level in the world. The three business cards of "China Construction Equipment Manufacturing", "China Construction Electronics" and "China Construction Rail Transit Electrification" are important professional support forces for China Construction Group in the development of industrial chains such as equipment manufacturing, intelligence, and infrastructure. China Construction Equipment Manufacturing includes wind power tower equipment manufacturing, chemical equipment manufacturing, housing construction steel structure manufacturing, high-end tunnel equipment manufacturing and other industries. China State Construction's electronics business covers the implementation of future city construction and operation models, launches integrated services of intelligent design, intelligent construction, and intelligent operation and maintenance, develops a comprehensive management information platform for enterprises, and enters the field of industrial information intelligence. China Railway Construction's rail transportation business is mainly engaged in rail transportation "four electric power", rail laying, underground comprehensive pipeline corridor and other services.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise, so far it has won 42 Luban awards, 28 national quality engineering awards, 5 Zhan Tianyou awards, 4 national steel structure gold awards, more than 260 provincial and ministerial quality awards, and 17 Chinese installations. Stars, 26 national outstanding project management achievements, and won 1 first prize, 1 second prize, and 133 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards.

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