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  • 全职 Job Nature: Full-time
  • 高中及以上 Educational requirements: high school and above
  • 不限 Work experience: unlimited
  • 不限 Professional requirements: unlimited
  • 不限 Foreign language requirements: unlimited
  • 3000~5000 元/月 Salary: 3000 ~ 5000 yuan / month
  • 不限 Title requirements: unlimited
  • 若干 Number of Recruitment: Several
  • 2019-12-16 ~ 2020-03-28 Date of recruitment: 2019-12-16 ~ 2020-03-28
1. According to the arrangement of the person in charge of the reconciliation, do the daily operations such as feeding, dosing and discharging of the oil reconciliation.
2. Strictly abide by various operating regulations and complete relevant original records completely, truthfully and objectively.
3. Monitor production parameters (mainly temperature and measurement) online and report abnormalities in time.
4. Cooperate with mechanics to do daily maintenance of the system.
5. Responsible for the "8S" work in the studio.
6. Cooperate with quality personnel to do a good job of investigating quality complaints and quality problems.
7, complete other tasks accounted for by superiors.

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  • The company has set up confidentiality, please apply through the system.
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Nantong Baokai Chemical Co., Ltd.

The company is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, development and production. It has a strong R & D team and has established close cooperation with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, EMDEN-LEER University, etc. relationship. Based on technological innovation and adhering to the concepts of environmental friendliness, high efficiency and energy saving, the company has successfully developed fluorine-containing pharmaceutical intermediates, trivalent reagents and customized products such as quinazole. The company's business scope currently covers product development, production and sales, technical consulting, and environmental protection. The company takes honesty and pragmatism, scientific and technological innovation and customer first as its purpose. With its excellent R & D capabilities and excellent product quality, the company has gradually become familiar with the industry and has established a good business reputation. At present, the company has established pilot plants and production bases in Hangzhou and Qidong, Jiangsu, forming a complete scientific research and production system.

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