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Lubricant market development (commission + five insurances and one fund + paid training)

Updated: 2020-01-04

Dingchen Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

  • 合资/合作 Company nature: joint venture / cooperation
  • 50 - 99人 Company size: 50-99 people
  • 上海-静安区 Location: Shanghai-Jing'an District
  • 全职 Job Nature: Full-time
  • 大专及以上 Educational requirements: college and above
  • 应届毕业生 Work experience: Fresh graduates
  • 理工科 Professional requirements: science and engineering
  • 英语良好 Foreign language requirements: Good English
  • 5000~10000 元/月 Salary: 5000 ~ 10000 yuan / month
  • 不限 Title requirements: unlimited
  • 5人 Number of recruits: 5
  • 2019-12-04 ~ 2020-01-31 Date of recruitment: 2019-12-04 ~ 2020-01-31

工作时间:周一至周五; 保险:按国家规定办理相应社保; 休假:每周双休、带薪年假及国家法定假日; 福利:端午节福利; 培训:入职后公司提供专业带薪培训; Working hours: Monday to Friday; Insurance: apply for corresponding social security according to national regulations; Leaves: Weekly weekends, paid annual leave and national statutory holidays; Welfare: Dragon Boat Festival benefits; Training: the company provides professional paid employment Training

Job Responsibilities:

熟悉部门负责品牌的产品以及润滑油基础知识,推广公司的润滑油品牌( OKS & ANDEROL/NIPPECO )。 1. Familiar with the products of the department responsible for the brand and the basic knowledge of lubricants, and promote the company's lubricant brand ( OKS & ANDEROL / NIPPECO ).

学习和消化现有客户以及国外成功案例。 2. Learn and digest existing customers and foreign success stories.

配合各地销售推进负责品牌的生意。 3. Cooperate with local sales to promote the business of responsible brands.

收集和整理目标市场,重点客户,竞争对手的信息,制作可行性报告。 4. Collect and sort out information about target markets, key customers, competitors, and make feasibility reports.

积极完成上级和公司所交付的工作内容。 5. Actively complete the work delivered by superiors and the company.

job requirements:

年龄在 22-30 岁之间,理工科背景,专科及以上学历; 1. Age between 22-30 years old, science and engineering background, college degree or above;

具有销售或市场工作经验优先; 2. Sales or marketing experience is preferred;

性格外向、反应敏捷、表达能力强,具有较强的沟通能力及交际技巧,具有亲和力; 3. Outgoing personality, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, and affinity;

有驾照能熟练驾驶者优先。 4. Skilled driver with driving license is preferred. Can adapt to short-term business trips and work pressure;

英语 4 级以上水平。 5. English level 4 or above.

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  • The company has set up confidentiality, please apply through the system.
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Dingchen Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2002, Shanghai Dinkum Trading Co., Ltd. has been serving customers in various industries with integrity. In 2008, Dingchen Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established to provide customers with better services in more professional fields.

The company imports MD metal processing oil, NPC (Japanese mineral oil), AQUA Chemical, OKS, Anderol, Petro-Canada (Petro-Canada), Du Pont (DuPont), Toho Chemical, Japan Oil (Nippon Oil), NSL (Nikkei Industries), KYODO YUSHI (Synergy Oil), LUBE (リ ュ ー べ), Showa Shell (Showa Shell), Mobil (Mobil) Kind of high-grade lubricating oils and greases, thousands of items, and various packaging, providing you with one-stop service.

The company has thousands of customers throughout the country and enjoys an excellent reputation among its peers. No matter when and where, Dingchen's sales engineers and customer service specialists will help you choose the most suitable products and provide the best technical support. And after-sales service.

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