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  • 全职 Job Nature: Full-time
  • 大专及以上 Educational requirements: college and above
  • 五年以上 Work experience: more than five years
  • 热能与动力工程 Professional requirements: thermal energy and power engineering
  • 英语一般 Foreign language requirements: English
  • 8000~15000 元/月 Salary: 8000 ~ 15000 yuan / month
  • 中级职称 Title requirements: Intermediate title
  • 1人 Number of recruits: 1
  • 2020-01-14 ~ 2020-01-23 Date of recruitment: 2020-01-14 ~ 2020-01-23

Major job responsibilities:
可独立完成暖通专业的方案、设计,包括空调、采暖、通排风、冷库、洁净等; 1. Can independently complete professional HVAC schemes and designs, including air conditioning, heating, ventilation, ventilation, cold storage, cleanliness, etc .;

专业基础知识牢固,熟悉本专业各项规范、规程; 2. Professional basic knowledge is solid, familiar with various norms and rules of the specialty;

能组织协调本专业的设计工作,及协调其他专业的配合关系; 3. Able to organize and coordinate the design work of this specialty, and coordinate the cooperative relationships of other professions;

良好的沟通能力和工作责任心; 4. Good communication skills and work responsibility;

熟练使用相关工作软件和工具; 5. Skilled in using related working software and tools;

job requirements:

热能与动力工程等相关专业专科以上学历; 1. College degree or above in thermal energy and power engineering;

年以上设计单位工作经历并取得同专业职称 ; More than 2.5 years working experience in design units and obtained the same professional title ;

取得注册公用设备(暖通空调)证书者工龄可放宽并优先录用; 3. Those who have obtained the certificate of Registered Public Equipment (HVAC) can be relaxed and prioritized;

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Shanghai Kaiyingda Chemical Design Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Kaiyingda Chemical Design Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. was restructured and established by the Shanghai Chemical Research Institute Design Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry with the support of the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Department. It was jointly invested by Shanghai Chemical Research Institute and Hangzhou Jinjiang Group And obtained professional Grade A qualification. Specializing in EPC engineering, engineering consulting, environmental assessment, engineering design, engineering technology development, and engineering contracting, and other technical consulting and services in the chemical, petrochemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and chemical fertilizer industries.

Shanghai Kaiyingda Chemical Design Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

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