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DCS Operator

Updated: 2019-08-31

Jiangsu Zhongqi Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 合资/合作 Company nature: joint venture / cooperation
  • 100 - 499人 Company size: 100-499 people
  • 江苏-南京市 Work location: Jiangsu-Nanjing
  • 全职 Job Nature: Full-time
  • 大专及以上 Educational requirements: college and above
  • 二年以上 Work experience: more than two years
  • 不限 Professional requirements: unlimited
  • 不限 Foreign language requirements: unlimited
  • 8000~10000 元/月 Salary: 8000 ~ 10000 yuan / month
  • 不限 Title requirements: unlimited
  • 若干 Number of Recruitment: Several
  • 2019-02-11 ~ 2020-02-08 Date of recruitment: 2019-02-11 ~ 2020-02-08
Job responsibilities:
◆ Strictly abide by the operating regulations of this post, safety technical regulations and various company rules and regulations, and obey the company's work arrangements;
◆ After passing the training, be able to master the product process, operation procedures and emergency disposal plans involved in this post;
◆ Familiar with the location of field equipment, pipelines, valves, automatic control instruments, etc., and understand the working principles and basic maintenance knowledge of main production equipment and automatic control valve instruments;
◆ Understand and be familiar with DCS control principles, familiar with DCS control points, automatic control procedures, interlocking, etc .;
◆ Have a sense of safety, strictly ask yourself, implement safety operations to the end, and correct unsafe operations and violations in a timely manner;
◆ With a certain ability to coordinate and command, can reasonably direct field operations for routine operations, maintain continuous concentration, ensure that the control parameters can be within a reasonable range of the process, and calm down when problems occur, and solve them through DCS or command external operations ;
◆ Continuous learning, improve your own operation level and ability to identify dangers, and make rational recommendations to the workshop;
◆ Able to cooperate with the workshop to complete daily basic statistical reports and some operation records;
◆ Responsible for the equipment and sanitation in DCS control, make full use of existing equipment resources, improve equipment utilization, use equipment properly, and do the daily maintenance of DCS indoor equipment facilities;

contact details

  • Contact: Human Resources
  • Address: Changfenghe Road, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, Liuhe District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province [Show map]
  • Postcode: 210047
  • phone: 375771
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Jiangsu Zhongqi Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Zhongqi Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as: Jiangsu Zhongqi Crop Protection Co., Ltd.), stock code: 300575, is a national development and reform authority appointed to specialize in the research and development, production, and international and domestic sales of fine new chemical products such as green new pesticides. Modern chemical company. The company was founded in 2003 and is located in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, a national petrochemical base. It was rated as a high-tech enterprise in 2010 and listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on December 20, 2016.

The company's products sell well in more than forty countries and regions. With reliable quality, good drug efficacy, safe and environmentally friendly performance, it has been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad and has established long-term cooperative strategic relationships with many Fortune 500 companies. The main products of the new series of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides have significant advantages in terms of technology, production and sales.

How to get there: Please take the bus at Fangxiang Station or take subway line S8 to get off at Chemical Park Station, then take bus 654 to Changfenghe Road. Zhaofeng Road Station or 653 to Fenghua Road. Changfenghe Road Station Or take a taxi to our company (taxi fare: 15 yuan).


1, Comprehensive social insurance (endowment, medical treatment, maternity, work injury, unemployment), major illness medical subsidies;

2, housing fund.

3. Free business accident insurance.

4. 餐,中班补贴2餐,夜班补贴1餐, 5/餐) Meal subsidy ( 1 meal for day shift, 2 meals for middle shift, 1 meal for night shift, 5 yuan / meal)

5. /中班, 40/夜班); Shift subsidy (shift employees pay monthly, 15 yuan / mid shift, 40 yuan / night shift);

6. 7894个月,随工资发放); High temperature subsidies ( 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 9 a year for 4 months, payable with salary);

7. /月;(在外租房的外地员工,根据级别发放。) Rental subsidy: 200-500 yuan / month; (Foreign employees in rented houses, according to the level.)

8, *厂龄/月); Working age wages increase with the number of years the labor contract is signed ( 30 yuan * factory age / month);

9, Assessment and rating once a year (limited to front-line operating staff);

年度调薪; 10. Annual salary adjustment;

免费职业健康体检(每年一次); 11. Free occupational health examination (once a year);

完善齐全的劳保用品(依品种不同按季、年分别发放); 12. Complete and complete labor protection supplies (distributed quarterly and annually according to different varieties);

公司自办食堂,一天四次美味餐食,平价供应(早餐、中餐、晚餐、夜宵); 13. The company has its own cafeteria, which serves delicious meals four times a day at a fair price (breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper);

节假日礼品(三八/端午/中秋/春节等); 14. Holiday gifts (March 8 / Dragon Boat Festival / Mid-Autumn Festival / Chinese New Year, etc.);

免费网吧、图书阅览室、篮球场等; 15. Free Internet cafes, book reading rooms, basketball courts, etc .;

免费上下班交通班车(市区、大厂、六合、玉带); 16. Free shuttle bus to and from work (urban area, Dachang, Liuhe, Yudai);

各类文体协会,如羽毛球协会、舞蹈协会、篮球协会等; 17. Various sports associations, such as badminton association, dance association, basketball association, etc.

丰富多彩的业余生活及各类文体比赛等; 18. Colorful leisure life and various sports competitions;

带薪假期(含婚假、年休假、病假、生育护理假等); 19. Paid holidays (including marriage leave, annual leave, sick leave, maternity care leave, etc.);

婚、丧、生育、住院慰问礼金( 200-500元); 20. Marriage, funeral, childbirth, hospitalization gift ( 200-500 yuan);

优秀员工年度双飞旅游等奖励; 21. Excellent employees' annual double-fly travel and other rewards;

杰出员工年度现金大奖、双飞旅游等奖励; 22. Outstanding employees annual cash awards, double-flying travel and other rewards;

...... 23, ...

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