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Updated: 2020-01-14

Ningbo Jinhai Chenguang Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • 私营/民营企业 Company Nature: Private / Private Enterprise
  • 500 - 999人 Company size: 500-999 people
  • 浙江-宁波市 Work location: Zhejiang-Ningbo
  • 全职 Job Nature: Full-time
  • 大专及以上 Educational requirements: college and above
  • 一年以上 Work experience: more than one year
  • 化工类相关专业 Professional requirements: related majors in chemical industry
  • 不限 Foreign language requirements: unlimited
  • 5500~7500 元/月 Salary: 5500 ~ 7500 yuan / month
  • 不限 Title requirements: unlimited
  • 若干 Number of Recruitment: Several
  • 2019-12-01 ~ 2020-11-30 Date of recruitment: 2019-12-01 ~ 2020-11-30
Job Responsibilities:
1. Do well on-site operation of the post, and make real, accurate and timely on-site operation records;
2. Do a good job of interfacing with DCS posts, and complete all operation instructions issued by DCS main operations in a timely and accurate manner;
3. Strictly abide by the process discipline and labor discipline and do a good job of field inspection of equipment and meters and inspection records according to regulations;
4. Do well on-site civilized production;
5. Do a good job of handover.

1. Chemical engineering related major, college degree or above;
2. More than one year of working experience in chemical companies. (Excellent fresh graduates can also be considered)

contact details

  • Contact: Mr. Wang
  • Address: No. 2666 Binhai Road, Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Zone (enter the intersection of No. 119 tank of National Petroleum Reserve Tank) [Show map]
  • Postcode: 315204
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Ningbo Jinhai Chenguang Chemical Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Jinhai Chenguang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a petrochemical product manufacturer established in March 2008, located in Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhejiang.

The company's current main production units are 150,000 tons / year C5 separation device, 10,000 tons / year isopentene device, 30,000 tons / year C5 petroleum resin device, 30,000 tons / year isoprene rubber and low-shun Butadiene rubber combined device, 30,000 tons / year elastomer device, 20,000 tons / year hydrogenated petroleum resin device.

The company's current main products are C5 petroleum resin, DCPD hydrogenated petroleum resin, isoprene rubber, low cis butadiene rubber, SIS / SBS elastomer, isoprene (polymeric and chemical grade), and isoprene , Dicyclopentadiene, isoprene, etc. The products are widely used in domestic and foreign adhesives, road marking paints, tires, rubber products, coatings, shoe materials, elastomer blending modification, polymer modification and fine chemical industry. The product sales have covered the global market.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise and an innovative enterprise in Ningbo. It has a provincial-level enterprise technology center and a municipal-level technological innovation team. Honorary title.

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