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Recruitment information for the chemical industry

Production / Technology

Production management factory manager / miner production manager / production supervisor workshop director / section leader / team leader plan / dispatch gas station / gas station station production statistician production operation production engineer CNC CNC system engineer self-control engineer driving engineer casting engineer main operation / Deputy Operator / Operator Furnace / Boiler Worker Thermal Energy Engineer Electricity Filler Acetylene Production Technology Technical Director Technician / Technical Support Engineer Production Process Engineer Refinery Engineer Coal Chemical Technology Coking Engineer Sulfuric Acid Engineer Desulfurization Engineer Denitrification Engineer Wet Carving Engineer Waste Heat Power Generation Engineer Distillation engineer electroplating engineer coating engineer air separation engineer fluoride engineer refrigeration engineer anticorrosion engineer biogas engineer firepower engineer power engineer injection engineer nuclear engineer oxygen generator gas engineer quality control QA / QC inspection / inspection / test coal coking expert / high engineer track engineer safety engineer electrical engineer Utilities engineer machinery / equipment / instrumentation mechanical engineer equipment engineer Instrumentation engineer electrical engineer equipment maintenance engineer pressure vessel engineer welding engineer installation / commissioning works Boiler design engineer NDT Engineer Facilities Manager instrumentation manager electrical automation engineer fitter welder Riveter registration / filing patent registration / reporting drug registration / reporting GSP certification FDA certification GMP certification system certification / audits

Mapping / Exploration / Development

Surveying / Exploration / Development Surveying and Mapping Aerial Surveying Remote Sensing Seismic Acquisition Geological Engineer Geophysical Prospecting Engineer Reservoir Engineer Mining Engineer Drilling / Cementing / Completion / Logging / Logging Driller / Deputy Driller Storage and Transportation Engineer Mud Engineer

R & D

R & D Director / Manager R & D Chief Engineer Craftsman / Process Engineer Synthesis Engineer Researcher / Assistant Researcher R & D Engineer Product Engineer Formulation Engineer Polymer Engineer Material Engineer Chemical Engineer Clinical Research Color Matching / Tinting Engineer Plastic Engineer Pharmaceutical Synthetic Lubricant Engineer Surface Treatment Engineer Battery Engineer Laboratory Director Laboratory / Experimental Analysis Plastic Modification Engineer Polyglutamic Acid Engineer Adhesive Engineer Catalytic Engineer Enzymatic Engineer Fermentation Engineer Coating Engineer Waterborne Acrylic Engineer Ink Engineer Dispenser Chlor-Alkali Engineer Bioengineer Fuel Engineer Fragrance Technology Rubber Engineer Dye Engineer Emulsion Engineer Organic Synthesis Agent Engineer


IT software engineer hardware engineer

Design / Engineering / Environment

Chief Design Engineer / Deputy Chief Engineer Coal Chemical Engineer Salt Chemical Engineer Electrical Design Gas Engineer Architect Designer Pipe Design Process Design Instrument Design General Drawing Engineer Structural Design Anticorrosive Design Equipment Design Draftsman Water Supply Design HVAC Design Environmental Design Engineer Engineering Construction Project Manager / Supervising Project Engineer Cost / Budget Bidding / Bid Bibliography Contract Engineer Field Engineer Process Engineer Electricity / Electrical Engineer Architectural Engineer Structural Engineer HVAC Engineer Construction Engineer / Construction Engineer Water Supply and Drainage Engineer Civil Engineer Supervision Engineer Pipeline / Piping Engineer Instrumentation Engineer Installation Engineer Safety / Health / Environment HSE Fire Hoisting Engineer Quality Engineer Plan Engineer Welding Engineer Equipment Engineer Steel Structure Engineer Concrete Engineer Progress Control Engineer Cultural Control Engineer Environmental Protection Engineer Environmental Protection Technology Purification Engineer Solid Waste Engineer Water Treatment Dust Removal Engineer Automotive Exhaust Engineer Exhaust Gas Treatment Environment Evaluation engineerEcological governance / Planning

marketing planning

Marketing / Planning / Promotion Marketing Director / Manager / Supervising Marketing Specialist / Assistant Market Analysis / Research Marketing Planning / Planning Marketing Sales Marketing Director Regional Manager Sales Manager / Sales Leader Sales Representative / Assistant Channel / Distribution / Expansion / Investment Technical Support Engineer Customer Service Trade / Import and Trade Manager / Supervising Trade Commissioner / Assistant Documentary / Documentary Declaration / Customs Inspection / Writing Off

Administration / Management / Logistics

Purchasing / Warehousing / Logistics Purchasing Director / Manager / Supervisor Purchasing Specialist / Assistant Warehouse Management / Material / Distribution of Goods Flow Director / Manager in charge of Logistics Specialist / Assistant Metrology Engineer / Meter Senior Management President / Vice President General Manager / Vice General Manager General Assistant / Head of Office (Director Office) Human Resources / Administrative / Legal Human Resources Director / Manager / Supervisor Human Resources Specialist / Assistant Executive Director Administrative Manager / Supervisor / Office Chief Administrative Specialist / Assistant Secretary / Clerk / Reception / Reception Operation Legal Translation Financial Controller / Manager / Supervisor of Accounting

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